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Chrome Safarish

By eamon63
A Google Chrome Beta skin in Safari colors (win xp).

To use, just replace the default.dll (backup original first) in
xx:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\<version>\Themes...

*be sure to allow showing of hidden files/folders first...

EDIT: 15 Nov 08
UPDATED for GChrome version

EDIT: 30 Nov 08
Added Graphite option courtesy of Giantsquidman

EDIT: 1 Dec 08 still works for version!!

EDIT: 8 June 09
updated to latest stable version
Deafault and graphite sub-styles

EDIT: 8 January 2010
due to persistent requests, added theme for latest STABLE version
NO graphite sub-style!
© 2008 - 2021 eamon63
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What do I do on mac????
Aruikai's avatar
When I tried to use this on vista after I placed it in the appropriate chrome folder (User/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome) it just replaced my theme with the default one.
eamon63's avatar
sorry. i no longer keep this updated. check out the version...
is this OK with windows7??
paci1234's avatar
Hi, Eamon,
How do we place the default.dll file on windows7 machine. It looks like the path is not the same there. Thank you!
eamon63's avatar
sorry mate. have not been able to update this for sometime now...
ImaginedTruth's avatar
Great Skin. I realize it is a little dated, but is there any chance for someone to update this to 15.874.121 (current stable build) for Chrome?
classen's avatar
how to install in LInux??
pthorsteinn's avatar
How do I install on Chrome 13 Mac?
sztewe's avatar
how to install?
eamon63's avatar
read above. although this is for older versions of chrome. I don't get to use windows anymore...
how do i install?
lazylunatic99's avatar
help i have google version 9.0.597.98 on windows and i dont have a theme folder to change
eamon63's avatar
view hidden files/folders in folder options?
lazylunatic99's avatar
i aint got a folder options either what version of chrome r u using
Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization
Then click folder options o_o
yassinoss666's avatar
how to install it dod
nhanngoquyen's avatar
I hope you make this skin for Chrome 8 :D
neonoafs's avatar
How to install this in Google Chrome for Linux???
eamon63's avatar
you can not. use this instead [link]
invictusjoff's avatar
any update for this version:8.0.552.224?
eamon63's avatar
version keeps changing before i finish anything...also quite busy these days.
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