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Photoshop Action: separate lines from BG

Oops I made this thing a year back and shared it on my tumblr but completely forgot I could submit it here too...

Anyway, this is a shortcut for "separating" your traditional lines (such as sketches or inked lineart) from white background for easy digital coloring. The download button is on the right, if this is your first time downloading stuff from dA.

Let me know if something is wonky, I've never uploaded a photoshop action on dA before!

A few notes:

  • The shortcut is ctrl+F10.
  • It's advised that you prep your scanned file a bit before executing the action (mainly fixing the black/white levels), anything you'd normally do before starting to colour.
  • Uses fill, so your lines will be your foreground colour. You can go back and change the color using blending modes, locking the layer and filling it, or whatever your preferred method is. You can even use gradients and textures in your lines.
  • Will only hide your original layer, not delete it, in case you still need it.
  • The action assumes that your lines/sketch is still on the background layer (so it’s possible to process multiple pictures on one go) -  if this is not the case you’ll get a pop-up that says "The object background is not currently available", but you don’t need to care about it.
  • How to install actions.
  • Feel free to use for commercial and/or noncommercial work.
  • Feel free to share and modify it more to your liking. Reuploading is alright as long as you won't profit off of it.
  • No credit necessary, but it's appreciated. c:
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Thank you for sharing! d˙U˙
Hello, I downloaded these brushes, not sure if, or how I might use them.
None the less, thank you for making them available. Should I use them in a project,
I will certainly credit you and also post the work that I used them in. Thanks again.
All the best,
Thank you for sharing! :)
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No problem! : D
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Thank you!! XD
eamilia's avatar
No problem! : D
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Thank you for sharing!! xD
eamilia's avatar
no problem! c:
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Wow! Thank you!
This really helps me alot as someone how can't handle tablets..
Really! Thank You!
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Thank you for the kind words! I'm really glad to hear the action is useful. : D
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I am the one who should be thankful though. And I am pretty sure, I am not the only one who would totally appreciate this. You should held high for this since I found it via japanese website who promoting it.
(not sure if that was you though...)

I don't know how many thanks should I put, but really. I can't help but saying thanks! ><
eamilia's avatar
Awww man I don't know what to say! Thanks for telling me where you found this, I was kinda wondering where did all these people suddenly come from, heh. : D
But seriously, I appreciate that you took the time to tell me you're using the action! 
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don't mention it, it's a lifesaver. Really!
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Thank you for sharing :-) 
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No problem, glad if it's useful! : D
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Much welcome! c:
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