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Expectation vs Reality


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A Kerothian Dragon's Tale Chapter 2

The next few weeks that led into late summer continued much as the ones prior had, with the higher rate of lost shipments. The Navy’s investigation into the loss of the Etanakayra came to much the same conclusion as Captain Yakyues, that it was a pirate attack, so they increased the number of patrols in that part of the ocean. It seemed like that it had at least worked, as there seemed to be no other ships lost to pirates. The weather had started to turn bit cooler but at sea cyclone season was now in full swing. There had been plenty of jobs related to fans and refrigeration systems come into my shop, as was normal for summer, but those were starting to slow down a little, just in time for the grain dryer motors to start showing up. However, the weather threw a spanner in the form of a remnant of one of the cyclones that passed over the capital and dumped several inches of rain on it along with some high winds. Typically, after a major storm we inspected the castle for wind and water


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A Dragons World


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Day in Karthia

As the sky takes on a soft shade of pink as the first lights of day arrive. The castle of Karthia shining brilliantly as the farmers in the kingdom are hard at work. Merchants begin selling their wares. In the castle surrounded by a grand city, made of marble stained black and green, the infant gryphon Kothar whining, a hollow sound emitting from his beak. The door opens to Kothar’s nursery opens as a black adult gryphon walks in, its ears drooping. The gryphon walks and lays down beside Kothar’s crib and sticks its head in. Kothar feeling the presence of the gryphon, latches onto the older gryphon’s beak and head.  Having s

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Dragon Chronicles Chapter 27

 They were all just staring in awe at what they were seeing before them. A giant kingdom three times the size of Manhattan and growing, along with a giant castle that puts the Castle of England to shame. I started coughing again as I felt Articus and Malvor hold onto me a bit as the coughing was causing a big of pain in my chest. I was holding my left arm close to my chest since it was broken and I could tell the others were a bit worried about me. “Don’t you think you should get looked at Zilla,” Pez asked a bit worriedly. “Yeah, and didn’t you say that there was an infirmary inside that giant castle over th


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Sahrend Text Reference (Outdated)

Name: Sahrend Vohyz Age: 72 Species: Dragon Race: Drakorian Element: Sun Mate: Neferet Vohyz Son(s): Draekor Vohyz, Cabrakan Saevus (Adopted Son) Backstory: Sahrend grew up in the care of his father Riron and his mother Ara in a relatively small Drakorian city, he met Neferet when he was around 6 years old and they quickly became close friends having a lot of the same interests despite being opposite elements. Once Sahrend was old enough he studied on Restoration Magic and Enchanting weapons and other equipment, as well as practicing his elemental powers and other abilities in a Drakorian Temple in the city, as well as practicing his running

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The Power of Laughter Book 1 Chapter 27

Chapter 27   "And so it begins." Jasper whispered as most of the class went into a frantic murmuring.   "M-Melanie?" Carly Myer raised her hand, "Is this some kind of lockdown drill?" Melanie just chuckled darkly, pulling her gloved hands from her pockets; they were stark white with a single black star on the back. She strode over to the door, shutting and locking it.   "It's a lockdown, my friends;" she spoke as she turned to face the class; kids began panicking as her eyes glowed red. "But it's far from a drill." She snapped her fingers, a few dozen Minion Gloves appearing behind her. A lot of the students w


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Cupid's Trek

I seemed to have found a balance once again, Between a loving friend and lifelong companion, As always, let us make an effort, To turn over a new leaf, Leave the past behind and Lay to rest useless grief, Because what I have now, Is more than I could ask for, More than I could ever dream, Lost in her eyes like A gentle flowing stream, I’m a wanderer who’s found, Yet another mountain to climb, Each step will make me stronger, But hopefully with this one, As I’ve hoped with every single one, I’ll reach it’s peak with my Chest intact, with no fear of heights, And never looking back.


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drake's eye


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The Falls

The Falls The world is in runes and nothing is left after the devastating war The nature dies with every day that passes and pollution rises No living thing is left on the surface of the burned Earth The waters are fading due to the blazing sun above the runes Every piece of life has been taken away from this world All the humans are now dead because of their egoistic devotions They died in the flames of the nuclear war they’ve started And now the Earth is just a toxic waste in space But there is hope for life to start again in this desert planet In a remote place deep inside the runes of the past world there is a falls And th

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Dragon Teens Vol 2 Page 46


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Risen  - 'The Inexorable' Latolin

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Those That Left DA

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A Comic About Cats-16


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Night wolf

Wolves and Canines

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The Evolution of Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper

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