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Optimus prime

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A 14k custom piece. 50+ hours from start to finish.

Didn't want to put in the rubies but he wanted them. Originally I had carved the triangle eye sockets but it got wiped out with the setting of the stones.

transformers is (c) HASBRO I do not in anyway own the character this is fanart


WOW! Thank you Kitten-of-woe for the DD, and thank you to everyone on here for the kind words. It means so much to me, you have no Idea. I hope to keep producing more unique pieces that you will all love.

Ive been notified that I've been featured on some websites.

Gizmodo - [link]

geekologie - [link] - [link] [link] - [link]

the awesomer - [link]

odditycentral - [link]

Geekout - [link]

botropolis - [link]

transformers Malaysia fan forum - [link]

geeky gadgets - [link]

too much free time - [link]

techblog - [link]

technabob- [link]

trendhunter magazine - [link]

doozydaily - [link]

gadgetstory - [link]

austinkim - [link]

gothinkultra - [link]

Hardest level - [link]

I edited the original image to change the font and remove the blue stamp I had. (was "dans magic" with a blue skull)
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Maybe you could use sapphires instead of rubies! c: Since he has blue eyes.
ToriGamingMCW's avatar
How much does it cost for the ring?
MLPfazbeargirl's avatar
That's absolutely amazing! 
ragazzobello's avatar
soooo nice.. do you have that in white gold or maybe platinum?
JimmyDarnell's avatar
How much is it to get one? Must have! Lol
EagleWingGallery's avatar
Been quite busy, sorry for the late reply. I have it listed in my shop here:…
JimmyDarnell's avatar
You're good man, we all get busy, and THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! This will be an awesome present for my gf.
Shayza100's avatar
This is amazing! I'm inlove with it! How much would it be to make one of these?!
EagleWingGallery's avatar
Sorry for the late reply, I 've been quite  busy. I have one listed in my shop here:…
Shayza100's avatar
Damn I love it! But I don't have the money for it!! Maybe in a year or two!!
Knockoutkisser's avatar
holy shit that is awesome
IndigoNinja4evercool's avatar
Can I have one? Pweez~ ovo
MellieMasterPrime's avatar
i want that ring!!!!!!!
ClothesHamper's avatar
Thats so cool, you did a really good job! It's AMAZING, gee, I could NEVER do ANYTHING like that. So cool...
BlackHellScythe's avatar
I really would love to get one, too.
How much does it cost?
Sashiryuu's avatar
oh my god, this is incredible.
Please let me know of the price for this amazing piece of art, I would love to put it on a finger of a very special lady in my life :D.
EagleWingGallery's avatar
this is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!

CAN YOU MAKE ME ONE!!!!?????????
UlurNaga's avatar
HOLY HELL YOU ARE GOD!! Wow, wow, WOW!! This looks absolutely incredible, amazing AMAZING work!!!!
EagleWingGallery's avatar
Haha, thank you so much for the awesome comment. Comments like this make it all worthwhile. :)
Matanuiwillpwnyou's avatar
how much would it be to get you to make another of this magniicent rings? it could be of megatron or otimus or of any other bot, you like lol
UlurNaga's avatar
I can assure you, you are MOST welcome! :D
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