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Dragon skull pendant

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One of the biggest pieces I've done next to the dragon pen topper.Sterling silver - 14k gold - Dragon 'Pen Topper' by Dans-Magic

The skull is 4.5oz sterling.  Pendant is about 3 inches long. Glass taxidermy eye set in from behind.

5oz 22 inch sterling curb chain.

One of a kind, no mold made. Took a lot of hours and machining time. 50+

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amazing i love dragons 
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Damn, that is a very cool design! :nod: Awesome work!
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Mind if I use this design for a fanfiction I'm planning? (It a fanfiction so it's pretty much forced to be non-profit on the fact that I'd be sued otherwise) I'll credit you too!
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I want one soooooo bad :squee:
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When I'll get rich, I'll buy one of these!
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waaawww this is magnificent
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you have some awesome work, never stop ;)
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Really cool, amazing design!!! :D:D:D
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Nice, I could definitely see this as a nice purchase for a few people I know.
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I LOVE the design of this. Very well constructed head...beautiful lines.
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dude i want that...but I'm dead broke right now -.-'...stupid bet.>.>

"In the dark but I see the light."
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I used to have a dragon pendant like this
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bloody hell !!! This some amazing shit!!
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AMAZING work. Wish I had 2k, thats a steal for a ooak piece of art like this. Excuse me while I scrap my jaw off the ground. Same with your pen dragon, it's insane what you can do.
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I love it! Awesome work! I think it would be also cool when the eyes are green or red diamonds :D
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Thanks! I have green and red eyes too. Almost went with blood red eyes but I felt they stood out to much. This way its a bit subliminal. :D
Mononoke-Kitsune's avatar
Youre welcome! I see, but this eyes looks great anyway! :D
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Awersome work! :love:
Eye look alive and it seems that under the metal shell real dragon)))
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Having fun with the glass eyes, just adds something unique to the jewelry. :)
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This is sick!!! Too bad you didn't make a mold... These would fly off shelves!
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For the price I doubt they would. Its a huge piece!

Thanks for the compliment. :)
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