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Anyone know a good therapist

Or like

50 good therapists

Mature Content

Gullible Gambler
"Hmmph. Well, that's two in a row for you, I guess. It had to regress to the mean sooner or later." "You can get a chance to quit now if you want..." "Why would I? The odds right now are waaaaaay in my favour still!" "Well, don't sssay I didn't warn you..." "Why do you make everyone do these staring contests anyways? And how do your eyes glow all those...funny colours...?" "I find it helpsss me get to know who I'm playing againssst... and it'sss jussst a little trick I picked up..."

Careful about making bets with strange snakes, and if they say all you have to do if you lose is have a staring contest, think twice unless all you want to be rolling is snake eyes like Candice is!

This fucking phenomenal series of pics was a commission sketched by the amazing :iconzarvex3:, and cleaned up, coloured and turned into a .gif by me! Hope you enjoy it as much as Candice does! :D
My OC - Candice the Gambler
My buddy :iconmegagundamman: has been on my ass for a long time to make an OC, and with a ton of help from him, :iconhopee1943: and :iconzarvex3: I think I finally have her figured out to a point where I'm ready to post her.

Originally a human, Candice was a thrill-seeking gambling addict who loved the rush of winning and felt a compulsive drive to gamble. While she won frequently enough, during a bad streak her debts started to pile up and eventually grew too high, and some less-than-nice individuals started coming around to collect. While she was hiding in a bar Candice overheard some conversation about an idol that could solve problems just like hers in a temple atop a hill overlooking the ocean not far off. A small journey later up the steep hill leading to the temple entrance, where one fall would mean a tumble straight down into the watery deep, and Candice had her prize in her hands, as she wished, shaking the strange amulet, "Get me out of these debts!". A bright blinding flash blocked out her vision so suddenly Candice couldn't help but stumble back and fall to the floor -- aided by the fact that her two legs were replaced by a tail! Gasping for the air that she could no longer breathe, Candice found herself incredibly lucky as an old cart used by the priests to transport old linens was nearby. Using her now useless leggings, Candice quickly tied her wrists to the cart and, summoning the last of her strength, shoved the cart with all her might down the slope. A sharp plunge and a massive splash later, and Candice felt the cold water surround her as she took her first "gasp" in her new world. After taking a few moments to collect herself she couldn't help but muse about her close call. "Well," the new mermaid sighed, shrugging. "I did want to get away from them." before she awkwardly kicked herself away from the temple, trying to figure out how the hell someone was supposed to swim with this stupid thing.

A compulsive gambler and explorer by nature, Candice's clever nature helps her get out of trouble almost as many times as her compulsion, bravado and overconfidence land her in it. Her debts on land erased, Candice spends her time gambling with the peoples and creatures of the sea, and checking shipwrecks discovers through her travels for treasures that could fund her next spree. This lands her in more than her fair share of difficulty as she bets with anyone willing, even the witches of the sea, and puts her in a variety of sometimes nasty situations. Through it all though she keeps her lucky, million dollar dice threaded around her neck -- adding a pair of shark teeth to either side after her finances went underwater, a reminder that, even if her situation is different, nothing has changed for her.

Thanks again to :iconmegagundamman: MGM for drawing this awesome pic and helping me nail down a lot of stuff around her design and hopefully, look forward to seeing a lot more of her (including one work that I'll be uploading very, very soon :D)!

Please let me know what you think, I'm still not sure on the name and I'm still trying to iron out other details so I'd love to hear suggestions!


And Happy Holidays to all!


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