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"Well, Mister La Forge... It would seem that time is what we have plenty of."
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very cool scene!
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That was a great episode. Nice recreation!
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Very nice, but there's a FX error in the episode. The beam from the Enterprise should be coming from the center emitter of the deflector dish.
The HD remaster folks acknowledged it but left it "as is" so as not to be too revisionist. 
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Yes, indeed ! And I also faithfully recreated this mistake ;)
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I had tackled this episode's VFX in the past, might have a go at it again, as I have much better models now, etc.
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Looking forward to see your VFX :)
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awesome recreation of "Timescape" - also Galaxy and D'deridex is always nice to see, IMO the most beautiful starships in the franchise! Engage 
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Thank you very much :) They are indeed beautiful starships
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The special effects look almost more realistic than in the episode itself. Good job
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Ah, the episode where Picard draws a smiley face on the cloud of a warp core breach!
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Even after an infinite time I watched that episode it's still makes me laugh :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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I beseech you, teach me your ways. Every pic you make is amazing!
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Haha thank you ! Perhaps one day... ;)
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