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The Third One

I always wanted to picture the NX-03, namely Challenger. So there she is, just fresh out of spacedock, on her first mission over a strange new world...
  • Background courtesy of NASA
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The NX-03 went down swinging she was a good ship took on 10 to 1 but completed her mission in the end alerting Starfleet Command.

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Ah, but according to canon she meets a fate much like her Space Shuttle namesake.  Sad, but poignant.
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What's your canon reference ?
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It was one of the ST: ENTERPRISE Novels, but I can't remember which one.  There was even someone who posted the 'Fate of The Challenger' painting on here recently like today.  
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Oh okay, well, I don't consider the novels as canon, but I'll definitely do some search about that, thanks !
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The picture is called "Challenger II".  It was on here today.  I am trying to find the author page for you.  "Kurumi-Morishita".  If I am spelling this correctly.  
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Found it, thanks !
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It's a cool picture and I am assuming it is based on the story in the novel but I still can't remember what the title was.  Sorry about that.  
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It's a very realistic image, I mean, it looks like the original TV modelEyepopping .

This model is your own work?
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Thanks !
Custom made yes, but not by me ;)
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How about doing the Endeavour NX-06, which, after its refit to Columbia-class, becomes Captain T'Pol's ship and the flagship of Admiral Jonathan Archer?
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Thank you ;)

Haha why not ^^
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Apparently the Endeavour was the only NX-class still in service by 2162, and the first to receive the Columbia-class refit.

And here's each NX-class vessel so far named: 

Enterprise NX-01 (turned into a museum in 2161.  Never recieved the Columbia-class upgrade)
Columbia NX-02 (lost shortly before the Earth/Romulan War)
Challenger NX-03 (destroyed/lost before 2162)
Discovery NX-04 (destroyed/lost before 2162)
Atlantis NX-05 (destroyed/lost before 2162)
Endeavour NX-06 (the only NX-class to remain in service by 2162, refitted into Columbia-class USS Endeavour NCC-06)
Intrepid NX-07 (mysteriously vanishes in 2161.  Found adrift in 2383 by Enterprise-E)
Avenger NX-09 (redesigned as USS Avenger NCC-09)
Currie NX-16 (redesigned as USS Currie NCC-16.  Final ship to be built)
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That's quite a list !
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Found the info on Memory Alpha.  Picard revealed that there had been fifteen to sixteen NX-class ships built, and all but the first five (plus Intrepid NX-07) were converted into Columbia-class vessels (class named in honour of NX-02 by Archer).  Enterprise had been turned into a museum ship, and the others (NX's 02 - 05) had been lost or destroyed.
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So what was the second one?
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Columbia NX-02 ;)
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Okay. I thought you meant the second Challenger.
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