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Hello, ships.
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man FUCKING(Sorry for the language) amazing it would have been if the Enterprise and her crew (bridge crew atleast) had an extended cameo in that final battle! Nothing major - just a meet up at DS9 before the battle - Picard back in Sisco's office like at the start of the series....ok followed by the E in the fleet and in the battle...dishing out punishment like in Nemesis...and then right before the big moment they take back the station the E leaves to mop up the rest of the dominion - take back your station captain or something....god that would have been amazing! ;)
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This would make more sense as an expeditionary force after the war since that Nova-class has no business being on the front line unless it's had a major refit to its weapons and shields
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Neither would an Excelsior, to say nothing of a Miranda-class. Both would largely be auxiliary ships by this time.

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The federation/klingon/romulan task force
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New wallpaper! ;)
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Reminds me of the last few missions of Star Trek - Legacy, still wishing for a show set in the 25th century where the Alpha Quadrant unites against the Borg!
whoever's the enemy, put your head between your knees, and kiss your ass good-by.
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Oh my god this is like what I tried to do years ago but like 1000x more beautiful!
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Thank you very much Darth :)
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Awesome work. I almost feel sorry for whoever is going to be on the receiving end of that armada's firepower.
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Haha thank you !
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Very nice scene and awesome lighting! Good job!
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Thank you very much !
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Dominion wars?
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I had the DS9 scene in mind so I would say yes
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