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Welcome to :iconeagleofhermes:.  Part comic, part experiment, all crossover, all epic, all-American (except for the Brits), whole-grain, 100% free-range.

:gun: The Comic.

Stephen Colbert is a vampire.  The Hellsing Organization is after him.  Jon Stewart really wishes he'd stayed home today.

The Eagle of Hermes opens nine years after the climactic battle of Hellsing, and five minutes before the tragic demise of Bobby the stage manager.  It also takes place in the same universe as And Shine Heaven Now.  You don't have to read any of those to follow the action, but it'll help.

:skullbones: The Content.

Will contain character death, violence, blood, guns, people getting tied up, religious fanaticism, vampires, zombies, and a healthy serving of gay jokes.

All in much milder quantities than Hellsing (well, except the gay jokes), but enough that it's worth warning for.

In spite of all that, it's a comedy.  Sort of.

:tombstone: The Conclusion.

The main story, clocking in at 100 pages, is now complete.  A bunch of extra artwork and a couple of side stories have also been posted.

Bonus art will continue to trickle in, and there may be more side stories down the road.

:evileyes: The Readers.

Watching or joining the group will let you see all future updates.

For members, submission is enabled to the folder Vampiric Miscellany.  On the off chance that anybody wants to create fanart, that's the place to put it.

Random vampire!pundit art is also accepted, because, frankly, the world can always use more of it.

:tribute: Where Do I Start?

I recommend the first page...
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