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Satyr Costume Test #2
Put the fur trim on earlier this week. Like the direction it's going, but not thrilled with my execution. I tried to cut some corners and attached the fur to the hooves with Velcro backing instead of attaching it to the leggings (which are anchored to the shoe with more Velcro backing), and I think it sits a little too low. I'd like for more of the hoof to be visible.

Also, after wearing them a bit more, I'm questioning whether I may have messed up a bit with the stronger clamp on the front edge. They're not bad when you're in motion (relatively speaking), but they're definitely harder to balance/less pleasant than the first prototype when standing still. I think that might be because the toe of the original heel didn't sit flat on the floor, so when I clamped it down for better contact I actually rotated the shoe forward a few degrees. It wouldn't be unmanageable to pose in this pair as long as I had a walking stick, but based on indoor testing I don't think this pair is going to go to renfaire. Next prototype I think I'm going back to how I clamped the first one and just sticking some kind of filler at the front edge.
Satyr Costume Test
To go with the second satyr hoof shoe prototype, I bought some leggings and stretched them over the shoes for a early test of the costume. Plan is to anchor the bottom of the legging to the shoe with velcro and cover the point where the two meet with a band of fur. For the top, I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing. I like the fur from the knee up that ChaosCostumes does, and I'd like some pads to make the leg shape a little more satyr-like, but simple repairs are the limit of my sewing ability, so those are not going to happen.

I'm halfway thinking of wearing it with my kilt. It would cover the top half I'm not satisfied with, show off the bottom part that looks good, and it's really not that unreasonable of a garment for a satyr. Also, I just like kilts.

Anyways, still not exactly close to a finished costume yet, but I've got a plan (well, part of a plan. Maybe more of a concept), and I am really happy with the look from the knee down, even without any kind of padding to help.
Satyr Hoof Shoes WIP #2
Not a finished costume yet, but progress!

Had a number of issues with my first prototype (…) , so tried to fix them on my second go. In no particular order:

- The epoxy I used last time made some odd creaking noises, and while they seem structurally fine, I changed to a probably overkill formula for this one.
- Didn't get a good clamp last time and had a gap at the front edge, so I bought some more and bigger bar clamps, and allowed longer to cure. The epoxy I used on these set up much slower than the last, which I think helped with getting everything set.
- I used heels with a strap this time to help them stay on a little better. I'm halfway between sizes and buying cheap ones online, so it's hard to find an exact fit.
- I put some non-slip pads on the bottom to help with stability on smooth floors. They're super planted on my linoleum now, but unfortunately don't make that satisfying "clop" sound. ChaosCostumes has supposedly got the best of both worlds with some type of insert, so I'll have to look into making my own version of that.

From here, the plan is to figure out what I'm doing for pants, find a good walking stick for some extra stability, do a field test of some sort, and then hopefully get it to renfaire this season!

I'd also like to work on some kind of anti-slip system that still makes clopping noises, but work has been taking it out of me and the 3D printer is on the fritz, so let's call that a "long term" goal.
Satyr Hoof Shoes WIP
Six years on dA, and I'm pretty sure this is my first non-pony upload.

I moved a few years back, found there was a renfaire nearby-ish, and pretty quickly went from "I guess I'll check it out" to season pass holder to piecing together costumes. Somewhere along the way someone I'm friends with on Facebook posted a link to ChaosCostumes' satyr hooves over on Etsy, and I got it in my head that eventually I wanted to do a satyr.

Forward probably at least a year, and after several proof-of-concept tests, I've gotten to the point of a prototype I can actually wear. Hooves are 3D printed in two pieces each from a modified version of this excellent model on Thingiverse:… . They're uncomfortable to wear or walk in, but more manageable than I thought they would be (at least on very favorable terrain).

The next steps will be to print another set of hooves in the right color, affix them to shoes that are a bit closer to the fur color I want, cover the seam with a band of fur, and then figure out a plan for some custom leggings to cover it all. That's pretty much everything, but this still feels like progress.

Tried them on with a store bought satyr costume. It fit with normal shoes, but legs just aren't long enough with the extra height.
Did something of mine get posted or linked from somewhere? I got a bunch of faves and llamas recently, and I don't know why. I haven't done anything of note since.. a while.
And so another TrotCon has come and gone, and like usual it was awesome. Panels were great, cosplays were great, the guests were hilarious, and artist's acres weren't that hot considering how many people were in there.

Both my biggest gripe (aside from the occasional lack of A/C) and an incredibly heartwarming moment actually happened in traffic outside the convention though. Part of my group had a breakdown on the way to Columbus, and while they managed to re-attach the broken hose, they had lost their coolant. While they were standing around thinking about who to call, Carousel Accessories stopped, asked if they were going to the convention, and lent them some spare coolant they happened to be carrying. Thank you Carousel Accessories, we all really appreciated it! Meanwhile, I forgot that I'm not a local anymore, and managed to get lost twice despite the assistance of both a GPS and a police officer.

The serious cosplays are always amazing to see, but what was also fun was that this year the group I was had fun with it too. Between Friday and Saturday we had Shim & Sham (genderbent Flim & Flam), two Elusives (genderbent Rarity), three OCs, a (genderbent) Octavia, and a (genderbent) Zecora.

Merch wise I spent ALL of the bits I brought with me (my wallet contains a printout of a "100 Bit Celestial Reserve note" and a coupon for vitamin water right now), but hey, I only get to shop fan merch in person once a year. The tradition of comissioning Alex Heberling to draw the character I'm cosplaying continues, as does not being able to control my fanfillying within 3 meters of Pixelkitties' booth. Might do another custom once my wallet recovers, as well as a flask if anypony caught that vendor's name or website.

And I've got things to do, so pictures soon. (Not Soon(TM), actual soon.) And they're up!

And apparently I can't get out of character for Elusive. I'm already planning next season's outfits! (I think I can do Fluttershy/Butterscotch without having to wear nearly as many layers, and I have most of a Twilight that was supposed to happen Sunday and didn't...)
  • Listening to: 7th Element
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Lets see... I'm a college student studying engineering, a former Boy Scout (and current outdoorsman when I get the time), and ... Oh yea... I'm seriously addicted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I'm pretty on and off with contributing, due to the lack of time in college (and hit-or-miss inspiration in general), so expect updates to be infrequent, and probably pretty varied. Still, I've got a to-do list projects that I'll get to uploading (well.. completing first... scratch that, /starting/ first) when I get around to it.

Three big interests (excluding ponies) are cars, computers, and scouting, and the last one made a much nicer cutie mark when ponifying myself for an OC. There was more to it than that, but that gets long and personal...

The /signature I use sometimes is my old sig from somewhere, and is the one thing that I keep in common between most of my pony and non-pony accounts.

I can't draw (yet!), so I use a lot of vectors, and I make sure to credit the original source as often as I can. By the nature of fan art, most of it also involves content owned by various companies. Any incorrect or missing citations are an error on my part and I'll gladly fix them/take them down if they're brought to my attention. I don't want any trouble.

I'm wayyyy too connected, so e-mail (eaglehooves[at], Steam ("Lord Elusive"), Reddit ("eaglehooves"), and probably anywhere else an "Eaglehooves" turns up.


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