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COM = Duchanar

erm ;_;
well this took me ages
like i spend days on this
just because of all the small details
OMg armor..
first time doing it..
I love the face plate <3



Horse *Chunga-Stock [Link] [Link]
*FantasyDesignStock [Link]
~Friesians9230 [Link]
Wings ~darkcalypso-stock [Link]
Sky ~bloodlust-stock [Link]
Rocks ~greenleaf-stock [Link]
Everything else ~Eagle-Cry-Designs
Character belongs to ~DarqBDesigns
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A-MAZ-ING. enough said.
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omg this is freaking awesome O.O
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o_o Deshakins... 


Share the talent o.o i havent even attempted the color change I was telling you about -.-
Eagle-Cry-Designs's avatar
-flops- i do no more kays ;_;
I deadded

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this is incredible! I love the angle and prep :) I thought it was a manipulation it looks so realistic :love:
Eagle-Cry-Designs's avatar
thanks n_n
But it is a manip xD
Though the whole head an neck is painted, I don't even need the stock image there for it's not even being used xD
impassioned-dreams's avatar
oooh LOL i thought it was a painting XD like all of it ;p none the less it's still so amazing :o
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Beautiful work! I'm super jelly of those wings and armor :)
Eagle-Cry-Designs's avatar
Eee thank youu o3o
-chews on-
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wow! amazing c:
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ermg <3 MY LOVEEE hes perfect -cuddles-
Eagle-Cry-Designs's avatar
anytime my love <3 o3o
he was fun n_n
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