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So I'm back from Japan once again and plan to start posting new images as soon as possible. This post however has a bit of a different focus, while overseas I started scripting a new web-page for my portfolio site and got it halfway done... But I now realize that I'll need to implement some changes to the site and therefore my current design will probably go down the drain.

I would therefore like to shine a little bit of light on "The Angel Wing Design" you turned out really well and I wish that you could stay, good bye my friend!

Will keep the old design for a couple of weeks until the new site is ready to run. please have a look
So since finishing my graduation project about a year ago I haven't been uploading any of my works. I can't really explain why, probably just laziness, But that is all about to change. This weekend I'm going to upload all the stuff that's been hiding in the rafters, and from now on I'll try to keep this page up to date.