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Period 03 Post War by eagi Period 03 Post War by eagi
Thirteen years have past since the resupply fleet set sail. The bitter war against the Kemari was won after seven but the time that followed was if possible even more turbulent. Since every stronghold and lord had their forces mobilized and now stood without a common external threat. Neighbors turned on each other coveting each other's holdings, bloated sell sword companies stood without employment and found themselves turning to brigandry.

Out of the eleven aspiring heroes that set sail, only four returned. Though some of the others remain alive in the far north. Jonas of The Rock however did not return alone. With him, he brought four vessels from Count Rutland of Gilloy's fleet. After the fall of his high seat during the war, the Count lives in exile here in the south and now support Jonas claim to rule and defend the city through these difficult years. 

As opposition in an internal city conflict, stands Jonas older brother Almund. He has gathered large parts of the city council to his side. Favoring a alliance among the the communities in the area, coming together in a joint defense and thus reducing the need for individual armament.

On a side note, the city achieved good growth during the war, as many craftsmen and merchants streamed in to sell their goods to the regular supply shipments. After the war ended, there has been a greater flow of refugees. Following the rumors of a safe port that has been spread through the more severely ravaged regions.

Those seeking asylum find heavy work in the growing defense works and now live in relative safety in ever growing shantytowns on Farisle. 

As the city fends of external threats with increasing success, local pride has grown, and the heroes' banner is now flown as the city's emblem!

A more illustrative depiction of the city will follow in the next post.

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