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Period 02 Map Surroundings by eagi Period 02 Map Surroundings by eagi
As the village grew, the wilderness around the core has also been settled and a respectable rural area has grown up around the cliff. 
  1. Around a third of the population in the area had chosen to settle in the ever-expanding core, and most of the produce in the area soon or later finds its' way to the market.
  2. The quarry where granite is cut at an ever increasing rate, samples have been taken in several other location, in search of other useful bearings, but at the moment the original site is the only reliably producing source.
  3. The freshwater pond, in an optimistic attempt to extend the reliable food production, the comunity has imported a few barrels full of living crusians. The pond is now an active cultivation bed for the fish, and the early signs show good growth.
  4. After the two intense months of construction, the new guest harbor is ready to receive the Northerner fleet. Lots of equipment have been gathered in the newly built magazines and representatives of the Procreation Collective were in deep negotiations about costs, duties and any reprisals expected due to this huge sale.
  5. The fishermen have expanded their activities with a new group of cottages on Farisle. The large clams that grow on the cliffs around the shallows are very popular in the village and the fishermen out here have almost completely retrained themselves for their harvest.
  6. The Theater ridge, a decade ago, a company of entertainers were touring the nearby towns to attract them for a visit, a simple stage was built at the bottom of a bowl-shaped slope, a few years later, step like seats have been dug in the slope and a roof added to the stage.
  7. The farmers commune, there are quite a lot of farms scattered in the area, but here on the traders road, the families have chosen to gather their farms in a cluster. Their little farmers market along the edge of the road is modest compared to what´s on display back in town, yet many choose to shop here on their way out of the village.
  8. The ford is the only naturally occurring crossing of the western leg of Villran if you want to reach the village down by the cliff. The eastern shore is therefore, an ideal location for a guard station. Over the years, however, a few farms have also popped up on the far side of the river. But the peasants often chose to place their living quarters behind the security of the guard station.
  9. The mill and the sawmill at Tulefors is hidden next to a grove and obscured from the road, partly to create a natural protection for these valuable buildings, but also to spare neighboring residents from the constant noise.
  10. The loggers, working their way through the woods they clear land for settling. They work in tandem with the builders, to produce new farms ready for future tenants. Meanwhile the houses act as barracks for the workers before they continue their relentless clearing of the untouched forest.
  11. The Lookout on River island, the high tower on the snarly island, is built on the remains of an old ridge fort looking down over the river. From here you can send warnings to the village if  something happens at the ford or further up river.
  12. Barkmans' Villa, despite his central role in the development of the village, the entrepreneur has chosen to place his new mansion as far away from the urban center as possible. With its white plastered wings and a shingle roofs, its clear purpose is to oútshine the old manor on the top of the cliff.
I was a bit hesitant about when I was going to publish this map. For you readers, it may be of greater benefit as early as possible, but at the same time I wanted to include as much of the details that I'm adding during the development of these Chronicles as possible. As a compromise, it ended up somewhere at the beginning of the end. If I don't come up with any extra topics, there should be three more posts left in period 02 after this one.

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