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Period 02 Buildings by eagi Period 02 Buildings by eagi
Time again to have a study of the houses and living conditions in the village during this period. 

The availability of processed materials has opened up new possibilities for house construction. 

Many of the houses use discarded rock from the quarry to prop up a dry base for the structure. A trough is dug inside this stone frame and is then filled with sand to avoid moisture intrusion. This is covered with a wooden floor from the new sawmill. 

The upper parts of the walls are a combination of a wooden frame, which is then bordered by thin braided sticks that are stuffed with reeds and covered with a layer of mud and plaster. 

Some farms still separate the cooking area from the main living houses to reduce the risk of fire where they asleep. But with safer fireplaces, the kitchen and dining room can now be combined. High-quality stone is used to construct the chimneys, yet these are still simple in their design and the houses easily become smokey. 

The windows are almost always glassless and covered at night with storm shutters. Thick animal hides or woollen drapes keep the cold out during the cool winter nights. 

Thatch is still the most common material when laying a new roof, but some of the more lavish buildings have begun to use slate. The Town hall, which was the first example imported its roof tiles from up the east coast, but the quarriers hunt for new breakages have found a ridge within reasonable distance from which they hope to start chopping shortly. 

Privies and cleaning quarters are relegated to outbuildings. Often, several farms share the responsibility for a common sanitary shed between them and cleaning is viewed as a social activity. 

We have come to the end of period 02, and next week we will once again travel forward in time. I thank you who've read and hope you will come along into the next period. If you have any comments about changes in the format, they are always appreciated. Do you think there were too many chronicles this time, or should I even expand them? Is there any other topic in the city's development that is of greater interest?

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