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Without A Leg To Stand On

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This is based on the fanfiction Without A Leg To Stand On, here's the link if you wanna read it pastebin.com/DH1a5eNs, i didnt added a subtitle, because i felt the title of the fanfic works by itself for the image.


So during the fanfiction, it is discovered that Lynn has bone cancer and she needs to have her leg amputated in order to save her life, now if you know the kind of girl Lynn is, you will know this will be a huge blow for her, because you need to have both legs to be able to play sports, but when she returns home, she acts like if everything is alright, but Lincoln can see thru her act, eventually Lynn confesses to Lincoln how she feels about losing her leg.

Again like many others artwork based on fanfics, i draw those on how i see them in my head, so i could've totally gotten somethings wrong, but i like how it turned out.

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XD good job broh
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MY LEG!Fred 'MY LEG!' Icon 
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too soon
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no, this wass from 2 years later
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I was just jokingly lampshading that he commented a my leg joke on an amputation picture
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....ok ?
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no Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow
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This is similar from the image when Lynn j.r. gets hit from a football from Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
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Lynn: *crying* Oh, Lincoln! I can't believe I lost a leg! I never play sports again! *lies her face in her pillow, crying even more*

Lincoln: *feels sorry for Lynn* There, there, Lynn. I'm sure we'll get someone to attach a metal leg on you.

Lynn: *hears this and continues crying hysterically* Just leave me alone, little bro! I want to have some time alone!

Lincoln: *leaves the room, still feeling sorry for Lynn*
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Don't give up, Lynn, I'm sure Lisa will make you an artificial leg!

but one question, in the fanfiction, lisa said lynn's ewing's sarcoma could be treated with chemotherapy, i really just don't see why lisa didn't perform it on her? i mean she's a genius right?
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Lynn: I hope so
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You know, Lynn, if I was your brother, I'd pay for anything to cure your cancer, so you wouldn't have to lose your leg :)
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Lynn: Ok
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*Hugging Lynn, calming her*

Everything will be ok, Lynn, don't worry....

*Tears up a bit* :(
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Lynn: Ok I won't worry
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If there's anything I can do to help you, Lynn, please, just tell me... Ok?
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This isn't the end. At least, it doesn't have to be.
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Thanks to a miracle of the internet known as the Wayback Machine, I was able to preserve the fanfiction. At least, some of it. This isn't everything the description promised, but it's what I could find. If anyone knows where to find the rest, please let me know.
Here it is, Without A Leg To Stand On, by YARIDOVICH23

fEver since she was just a little girl; Lynn was determined to play every sport she could. Fromm football to hockey, to basketball to soccer. The only sport she wouldn't touch was cheer leading, which she didn't consider a real sport. She had so many trophies that he space in the official trophy case got full, and some had to be stored in her and Lucy's room. She was the only major athlete of the family; and tried to rope all her siblings into her field without surrender. Poor Lincoln got the brunt of it; probably because he was the only boy of the family.

This Saturday was one of those days that Lynn tried to get her brother involved. Lincoln was just trying to read his comics in the peace of his room when a red, white, and brown blur busted his door open. "Lincoln!" It shouted, startling the young boy, who covered up his undies with his comic.

Lincoln gave the blur, now revealed to be Lynn as it was standing still. "Darn it, Lynn! How many times do I have to tell you to knock before coming in here!?"

Lynn gave a short laugh and wave of her hand. "Ah, it's no biggie!" She clapped her hands together. "Now hurry up and get your clothes on!"

"What? What for?" Lincoln asked, not liking where this was going.

"You're gonna play some football with me! Come on!" Lynn said, grinning ear to ear.

"Hey! I never agreed to do that! I'm in the middle of some very important business either way!" Lincoln retorted. He didn't promise Lynn he'd do this, did he? No...No, he'd remember if he had.

"Aw, come on, Linc!" Lynn started to plead. "When's the last time you did anything sportsy with me? It seems like you never wanna hang out!" She looked at him with puppy-dog eyes.

Well that just made Lincoln feel bad. It was true, now that he thought about it. This was pretty much a daily thing; Lynn asking Lincoln to do some sports-related activity, only for him to turn it down. He let out a sigh. "Okay, fine. I guess today I can-"

Lynn pumped her fist, instantly sporting a wide grin. "Alright! Thanks, bro! Meet me in the backyard for some football practice!" Before Lincoln could reply, she sped off down the stairs.

Wait. That cheered her up WAY too fast. Did...Did she trick him? "Dang it." Lincoln muttered. "Last time I fall for THAT trick." He decided it'd be best to just roll with it, so he got up, got dressed, and headed down the stairs towards what would most likely be a lot of pain. He walked into the kitchen and saw Lynn pacing back and forth in the yard, throwing a football up in the air and catching it over and over. Really looked like she was antsy today. With a sigh, Lincoln headed out the door. If he had stayed and observed Lynn longer, he may have noticed the slight limp in Lynn's right leg as she paced...

After Lincoln closed the door behind him, Lynn instantly locked onto him and let out a whoop of excitement. "Alright! You ready, bro?! Let's do this!" She beamed the ball at Lincoln as soon as his feet hit the grass, which just barely meant to catch. "Banzai!" She charged at her brother and leapt at him, only to miss as Lincoln ducked and started running away.

Lynn quickly recovered and ran at her brother, starting to gain on him quickly. "Wait, where am I going?! Where's my "end zone"!?" Lincoln yelled, trying to avoid his sister.

"There is none! You just gotta keep running!" Lynn answered, now practically breathing down her brother's neck.

"That's not how you play foot-OOF!" Lincoln was interrupted as Lynn tackled him from behind, landing on top of her scrawny brother and knocking the wind out of him.

"That's how I like to play it!" Lynn said, looking down at her tackled brother. "Easy victory! Come on, Linc, you gotta do better than that!"

With a light groan, Lincoln tries to shove Lynn off, to no avail. He noticed something on the back of her leg, just below the knee. Some sort of bruised swelling. "Whoah, Lynn. Are you okay?"

Lynn looked confused, looking down at her body as if expecting to see some big scratch or something. "What? Yeah, I'm fine. Why?"

Lincoln pushed Lynn off of him while she was distracted. "On the back of your right leg. That weird swollen thing."

Lynn looked down at the swelling and nodded. "Oh, that! Nah, it's no big deal. I probably just got it during football practice...or soccer practice...or hockey practice...Or-"

Lincoln held a hand up. "Yeah, I get it." He stood up, dusting himself off and getting bits of grass off of his clothes. "Are you sure it's alright, though? It looks pretty bad."

Lynn made a "PSH!" sound and put her hand on her hips. "I can handle a little bruise, Lincoln. Come on, this is me we're talking about here!" She then picked up the football. "Now let's see if you can catch up to me, little bro!" She ran away suddenly, with Lincoln giving chase.

Lynn silently worried to herself when he managed to catch and tackle her for the first time in years.

That night, Lynn was lying in bed, looking over the swelling on her leg. Where did she get it? She honestly can't remember getting hit there at all in the last few days. It wasn't like she kept track of all her injuries, but missing something like this was odd. "Maybe I should get it looked at..." She muttered to herself.

"Looking over an injury, Lynn?" A voice suddenly droned in Lynn's ear.

"GAH!" Lynn practically jumped a foot in the air before turning to see Lucy right next to her. How does she keep doing that? Better question, how was Lynn not used to it yet? "Dam-DANG it, Lucy!" She caught herself, remembering not to swear in front of her younger sibling. "What do you want?!"

Lucy was, as usual, non pulsed by Lynn's reaction. This was practically a daily thing for them. "I saw you talking to yourself and looking at that wound. It looks really ghastly. Is it some sort of curse mark?"

Lynn rolled her eyes. "No, Lucy. It's not something from one your stupid horror stories." Sometimes Lynn really wish Lucy would live in the real world like everyone else. "It's not a big deal, really."

Lucy look down at the swollen area, though it was hard to tell with the bangs. "You seem worried about it. Are you trying to hide your pain like I do?" She gave one of the small smiles you have to squint to see. "Are you embracing your dark side?"

Lynn sighed. "No, Lucy. Stop being ridiculous. I was just trying to figure out HOW I got this. It's weird that I didn't notice getting something like this. Let's just leave it alone, okay? It's fine."

"Sigh. Once again you crush my hopes. I hope you're proud of yourself." Lucy complained, going over to her bed. Lynn rolled her eyes once more and prepared to go to sleep. She would be fine, right? She's had worse than this. Broken bones were no stranger to her, after all.

Three days later, Lynn couldn't get out of her bed.

Everyone was getting ready for school. With so many kids getting ready at once, no one noticed that Lynn wasn't there when everyone grouped up to leave. "Hey, has anyone seen Lynn?" Lana asked.

"I guess I DID notice a lack of balls flying through the air." Lincoln commented.

"She's never late. That'd make her a bad SPORT. Haha, get it?!" Luan quipped, grinning despite the groans of her siblings.

"Ugh! I'll go find her, I guess!" Lori said, starting to stomp up the stairs. "Lynn!" She called, approaching her and Lucy's room. "Lynn, what is TAKING you so long?!" She didn't hear any response. With a heavy sigh, she opened the door. "LYNN! I-" A loud groan stopped Lori's shout. She looked to the source, Lynn's bed. "Lynn...?"

Lori approached the bed, with a large lump under the covers. A red and brown mass peeked out from the covers. It was Lynn. Her face red as a tomato, and her hair and flesh slick with sweat. She was shivering terribly. After letting out another groan, she spoke in a hoarse whisper. "Lori...? Why are you yelling at me...?" She coughed, a hacking, scraping cough. "Why is it so cold?"

Lori's angry demeanor vanished in an instant at the sight of her younger sibling like this. How did Lucy not notice Lynn was like this? She went over and put the back of her hand on Lynn's forehead, quickly retracting it. "Yikes...You're burning up, Lynn. You have a fever or something..."

Lynn let out another groan. "No...I can't...I have football practice...And tennis practice...and-" She was interrupted by a fit of coughing, which caused Lori to get off the bed to avoid germs.

"Look, you can't go. You're sick as a dog. Dad is just gonna have to stay home today and take care of you, okay?" Lori responded. Without waiting for a protest, she left the room and made her way to her parents' room. Mom was already at work, but Dad's job had him come in a bit later, so he was always there in case one of the kids was sick. After a few minutes, she came back out to her other siblings.

"What's going on, where's Lynn?" Leni asked. "Is she MISSING!?" She gasped, which got a roll of the eyes from several of her sisters and Lincoln.

"No, you dolt! It's nothing like that!" Lori snapped. She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Lynn is just sick, that's all. Dad needs to stay home and take care of her. Lucy, how did you not notice her condition?!"

Lucy shrugged. "Shrug. I'm usually the first awake. I thought nothing of it when she was still in bed." She replied.

Lori sighed again. "Well, it's fine now, whatever. Let's just get going." She started to usher the rest of the siblings out, them muttering to each other about their sporty sister.

Lincoln looked up towards Lynn and Lucy's room as Lori pulled out of the driveway. He hoped his sister would be okay. He always was beside himself with worry when one of his sisters got sick. Still...Lynn is pretty strong. She's gotten sick before and always bounced back fast. She'd be okay...right?

It wasn't until the third day of this fever that there was a panic. Lynn had showed no sign of improvement, and the swelling on her leg started to look worse too. It was time for her to go to the hospital. The entire family got into Vanzilla, with Leni and Lori sitting in the back with Lynn, comforting her and trying not to cry. The trip was, aside from Lynn's groaning, deathly silent. No one dared speak, no one knew what to say.

When they arrived, the parents rushed in with their sick daughter, with the rest of the Louds following. The parents took Lynn further into the hospital with a doctor minutes later, while the other children had to wait in the waiting room. The ten of them got odd looks from the others in the room; not used to seeing ten children grouped together like that in a hospital. Each Loud nervously sat or paced about, wondering what would become of their sister.

"What's...What's gonna happen to Lynn?" Leni asked. "I don't think I've ever seen her so sick before." She was trying to sit still in one of the chairs, but one of her legs kept bouncing nervously against her will.

"Yo, you just gotta chill, sis. Lynn's gonna be alright." Luna said, placing a hand on Leni's shoulder. Despite her words, she looked worried too. "Lynn's always been a tough cookie, she'll pull through."

"Yeah, don't get worried sick over this! Being sick is Lynn's job! Get it!?" Luan said, trying to lighten the mood and giving a nervous smile to everyone. A couple of glares wiped that smile away. "Sorry."

"I wouldn't worry about it." Lisa said, looking over a notepad. She seemed to be the only Loud that wasn't worried, keeping her usual bored expression on her face. "Things like this happen often and pass over. Of course, fever-like symptoms could be something much worse and deadly. Such as-"

"NOT HELPING, Lisa." Lincoln scolded.

Lisa shrugged. "Fine, I was just saying..."

Lori glared down at Lisa, comforting a whiny Lily. "Well, don't. It's not helpful. You're freaking the twins out."

Lola and Lana indeed seemed the most nervous of everyone, having a rare moment of prolonged, friendly contact in the form of holding hands. Lola didn't seem to like that comment. "Hey! We're not babies, you know!" She snapped.

"Yeah, we're fine!" Lana said, letting go of Lola's hand, crossing her arms and pouting. Lola mirrored her twin, the two of them glaring up at Lori.

The eldest Loud sighed in a tired manner. "Yeah, whatever..."

It felt like hours before Mom and Dad came back to the waiting room...without Lynn. They looked more terrified than any of their children had seen them. Empty eyes, skin as pale as Lucy's...What had they heard? "Mom...? Dad...?" Lori asked, approaching them. "What happened? Where's Lynn?"

The parents looked at each other, seemingly unable to speak. After some sort of silent debate between them, Dad spoke up. "We...need to have a talk, everyone. It...It turns out Lynn was a lot more sick than we thought..."

Meanwhile, Lynn was further in the hospital, staring down at her legs beneath the covers of her bed. She gripped the sheets, knuckles white, hands shaking terribly. How could this happen? Happen to her? Her head was spinning, felt like it was going to fall off any second. Why did her life have to be ruined like this?

Why did they have to take her leg?

After Mom and Dad made sure everyone, even Leni, understood the severity of the situation, it was dead silent. Not even Luan attempted at a humerus joke to lighten the mood. Some of the girls, and Lincoln, started to tear up. Lily looked around at everyone, curious as to what was going on. It was finally Lori who spoke up. "This...This can't be really happening, right? This is just a bad dream or something..." She sounded drained of emotion and energy.

"How could they take her leg? There has to be some other way!" Lincoln added, trying his hardest not to cry. "Some other treatment...Something! Anything!" He couldn't believe this, he couldn't believe this, he couldn't believe this...

Lisa spoke up next, her usual facial expression shattered, sounding like she was trying not to cry. "In some cases, yes. Ewing's Sarcoma can be treated with chemotherapy like other cancers. In this case, it's not an option. I doubt anyone would understand the reasons, s-so...I..." Lisa ceased talking and just started to sob.

As the parents had explained, Lynn had what was called Ewing's Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. The swelling on Lynn's leg, then the fever she got, were signs of it. It was just that no one thought of something so serious. The best way to treat Lynn's case was amputation of her leg. She would survive, yes, but at what cost? The parents just couldn't afford any other treatment, it was their only option. The family was glad she was going to survive, of course. Everyone, even Leni and the twins (and aside from Lily), understood that the removal of Lynn's leg meant her dreams of sports fame were dashed. "Can we see her?" Luna asked, putting a hand on Lisa's shoulder to comfort her.

Mom and Dad glanced at each other. They both looked like they would break down crying any second. Finally, Mom replied. "We suppose so. It's just...she probably won't respond to much. You all have to understand that."

There was a murmuring of agreement among the siblings at that. It was better than nothing, they supposed. The parents lead them deeper into the hospital, towards Lynn. Each member of the family was dreading to see Lynn's emotional condition. The older siblings were trying to put on a brave face for their little sister, the twins were holding hands, Lucy and Lisa were holding back tears and shaking as they walked, and Lincoln was trying to calm his nerves. When they reached the room, Lynn didn't even look up at her family out in the hallway. Dad knocked meekly on the door. "Lynn? Hon? Your siblings are here to see you..."

Lynn didn't react. She just kept staring down at her legs, still as a statue. The Louds had seen her depressed before, usually when her team lost a big game. But nothing like this. She barely looked alive. Her eyes were like a corpse, completely lifeless and just staring straight ahead. At first, none of the siblings moved. Then, Leni took a deep breath and stepped forward. "Lynn...?" She approached the bed.

As this was happening, Lori pulled Dad to the side away from everyone else. "Dad...I have to know. When...Well, when is she...you know...The surgery?" Lori could barely form a sentence, she was shaking like a leaf, having had to hand Lily off to Mom on the way to the room.

Dad sighed and ran a finger through his hair. "Tomorrow morning. We have to get it done as soon as possible."

Lori's jaw dropped open. This was it, Lynn's last day before...she lost a big part of herself. "Oh...Daddy..." Lori muttered as she started to sob, causing Dad to hug her tight.

Leni, meanwhile, stood next to the ever-still Lynn, feeling too nervous to actually try and touch her. She tried talking again, seeing if that would work. "Lynn? Can you hear me?" She whimpered. "We all know what's going on...And we're all here for you. You know that, right?" No response. Leni looked back at her family, who seemed to be at a loss of what to do. With a sigh, Leni turned back to Lynn. "I love you, Lynn. Don't forget that, okay?" After waiting for a response that never came, Leni sadly walked back out into the hall.

The other sisters tried talking with Lynn. All of them were met with a deafening silence from their ill sibling. Even Lily cooing and patting Lynn's face stirred no reaction from her. Lincoln was the last to try anything before they had to leave. He sat down next to her, looking over his older sister. What could he say? No one else was able to break through to her. What chance did he have? He at least had to try, he supposed. "Lynn...I know this is is the worst thing to ever happen to you. I know I'll never understand how you feel, but...When you get out of here, I'll be by your side. I'll do whatever it takes to make the aftermath easier for you. Even if by the smallest bit if I can, okay?" A pause. No reaction. Lincoln let out a sigh. "I love you, Lynn. We all do." With that, Lincoln gave Lynn a peck on the cheek. He left the room, leaving Mom and Dad to tell Lynn they had to leave, but that they'd be back tomorrow. It wasn't until the car ride back that all of the Loud children found out that the surgery was tomorrow. None of them slept well that night.

Lynn, of course, had it the worst. It wasn't until after her family left that she finally started to move out of her frozen state. She raised her head, looking around the room. It felt like she was in some sort of dream. No. Some sort of NIGHTMARE. She just wanted to wake up, be back in her cozy bed, listening to Lucy sighing as she read some Poe story. She felt like running, running far away until she dropped from exhaustion. But she knew she couldn't do that. Where would she even go? She let out an empty, defeated sigh and laid down flat in her bed, staring at the ceiling. This was her last night as a whole human being. She closed her eyes, trying to get some sleep.

A part of her hoped the surgery would go wrong, killing her.

Luckily, Lynn's wish didn't come true. That morning, she was prepped and went through her surgery. The kids were not allowed to go to see Lynn the first day. The parents thought it would be best they not have to see their sister like that. The kids argued, of course, but could do nothing about it. After the surgery was over, Mom and Dad spent their visit simply sitting beside Lynn, as she passed out. The sight of her caused Mom to break down in tears. Before them was their daughter, pale as a ghost. She had tubes in her, an oxygen mask helping her breath. The worst part was the lump under her covers, which was missing a huge chunk of what should have been there. They just sat and soaked in their daughter. How she looked now. After a while, they had to leave, not even getting to speak to their daughter.

Back at home, the other siblings were on edge. They were all crowded in the living room, several of them pacing back and forth. "Do you think she's okay?" Luan asked. "I can't believe Mom and Dad didn't let us come..."

"I'm sure she is. Lynn is probably tougher than any of us." Lori commented. "If anyone can make it through a leg amputation, it's her." She still worried, however. She couldn't stop herself. She just wanted her little sister to be okay.

"Perhaps I should write some poems to help her emotionally drained soul." Lucy said, taking out a paper and pen. "I need to think of something that rhymes with amputation..."

"I...uh...don't think that will help much." Lincoln replied. "She just needs us all to be there for her."

As his sisters mumbled in agreement, Mom and Dad walked through the front door. The exhausted couple was instantly swarmed with their children asking them questions about Lynn. "Hold it, hold it!" Dad said, causing the kids to quiet down. "I know what you must all be thinking. The most important thing is that the surgery was a success." This got a sigh of relief from all the children. "We talked to the doctor. Lynn will make a full recovery and should be able to come back home in about two weeks."

"How is she...You know, emotionally?" Luna asked. "Did she say anything?"

Mom shook her head. "She wasn't awake. She was still recovering from the surgery. By tomorrow she should be able to talk to your father and I."

The kids started to cheer, except for Lisa, who spoke up. "Wait, what did you mean by that? "Your father and I"?" The question silenced the other children, who stared at their parents.

Dad rubbed the back of his neck. "When she first wakes up. There will be...things we will need to talk about. Things we feel would be best in a calm setting. Just the three of us."

"That's no fair!" Lola yelled with a stamp of her foot. "She's our sister! We wanna see her!"

"You can't keep her to yourselves!" Lana added, also stomping her foot.

The other girls and Lincoln argue to the parents, until Dad gave a shrill whistle. "Enough!" Silence. "I know you kids are worried about your sister, we all are. But right now we have to focus on her needs! Your mother and I will sort things out with Lynn, okay?" There was a mumbled agreement among the children. "Good. Now everyone head to bed."
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The kids all head to bed. The next morning, Lincoln is the first one to check on Lynn. She was awake, sitting on her bed, looking at where her leg used to be.

Lincoln: Lynn?

Lynn: Go away, I want to be alone *Tearing up*

Lincoln: Lynn, I want to talk to you. Please! Tell me how you feel!

Lynn: How can I play sports anymore?!?!?!? I can't do anything now!!!!

Lincoln: Lynn, don't say th-


She wanted to run, run as far as she could get before she dropped. But she couldn't run. Not with one leg.

Lynn: Just go away, Lincoln.

Lincoln: But Lynn,


Lincoln walked out of her room, and Lynn could only sit there and cry. She wanted someone to talk to, but she didn't want her sisters to see her crying. She needed- Lee! He was perfect for this situation, because not only was he her boyfriend, but he would listen to all of her problems very carefully, and any emotional state she was in, he understood and always found a way to comfort her. She picked up her phone and looked through her contacts. She found the contact titled "Lee" with a heart behind it.

Lynn: *Texting Lee* Uh, hey, hi, so listen, can you please come over now? I need someone to talk to...

She waited for a response. Her phone pinged and said: Lynn, I'm on my way.

Lynn's heart melted when she saw that Lee cared for her so much that when she had an emergency, he would drop everything and come to her house.

The doorbell rang.

Leni: I'll get it!

Lee: Hi, is Lynn around?

Leni: Uh, no, she's not round, she's human shaped. Well, she's mostly human-shaped.

Lee: What? What do you mean?

Leni: She had a leg amphitheater thingy yesterday.

Lincoln: No, Leni. It's amputation. Am-pu-ta-tion.


Lee was the fastest runner on the track team, so of course no one saw him run up the stairs into Lynn's room.

Leni: Lee? Huh.

She shut the door, and continued her business.


Lee was staring at the spot where Lynn's leg was, forcing himself not to break down in tears.

Lee: Oh, Lynn! W-What happened?!?

Lynn: Stupid bone cancer, she muttered.

Lee sat next to her on her bed, and embraced her tightly. Lynn cuddled up close to him and leaned her head on his shoulder. He rested his head on top of hers. They just sat alone, silently crying.

Lee: Oh, Lynn, I'm so sorry. Why didn't anyone tell me? I would have done anything so you wouldn't need a leg amputation.

Lynn: Lee, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. You must think I'm the worst girlfriend ever. *Sobs into his shirt*

Lee: Lynn! You're the best girlfriend ever! And I'm not mad at you, I just want to do anything I can to help you with the aftermath!

His shirt was totally soaked, but he would have sat there for hours if that's what Lynn wanted him to do. After what seemed like hours, he didn't feel uneasy breathing anymore. He looked down, and saw that Lynn was asleep, cuddled up next to him.

He whispered under his breath, *I love you, Lynn.*

It must have been just enough for her to hear, because he heard a soft tone saying, *I love you too, Lee.* His heart melted. After everything she'd been through, just sitting beside someone she could trust with all her secrets and emotions was enough to wash away all her feelings of anger, and sadness. Before they knew it, they were both fast asleep.

When she woke up, Lee was still asleep, and she noticed a small, white box on the bed. He woke up shortly after she did, and she had to ask him what it was.

Lynn: Lee, what's that box?

Lee: Oh, that, I was coming over with a present for you, Leni helped me make it. I forgot about it when you told me about...

His voice became uneasy as he trailed off. He swallowed hard, and opened the box for Lynn, revealing a homemade maroon sweatshirt with a white heart stitched in the middle.

Lee: If you don't like it, I-I can give it back to Leni...

Lynn: No, I love it!

She put it on, and embraced Lee. He caressed her hand, and stroked her hair.

Lynn: Thank you so much. This means more than anything I've ever gotten! I'm going to wear this all the time!

She teared up, and hugged him again. He looked at the clock. 7:00 PM. That meant that they had been sleeping for at least 8 hours. They were too tired to worry about eating, and Lynn was too overwhelmed about everything that had happened, that they cuddled together again, and, by sheer coincidence, they fell asleep at the same time. A few hours later, Lori woke them up. it was 9:37 PM.

Lori: *Whispers* Lee has to go home, Lynn.

Lynn: *Hugs Lee one last time* Ok, Bye, Lee.

Lee: *Kisses Lynn on the cheek* Bye, Lynn, love you.

When he got home, a booming voice rang throughout the house. It was his mom.


Lee: Jeez, Mom, would it kill you to let me do my own thing FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES?!?

Lee's mom: I don't care what you've been doing! March yourself up to your bedroom RIGHT NOW!

Lee: But, it's not really late, and-

Lee's mom: CHARLIE!

Knowing he wouldn't win this one, he went to his room, and watched TV until he fell asleep.


Lincoln sees Lynn having a hard time doing stuff on her own.

Lincoln: Lynn? Need some help?

Lynn: No, I'm fine.

She hopped over to the couch, but tripped and fell on one of Lily's toys.

Lily: 'Ynn!

Lynn: Lily, you have to watch out for your toys!

Lily: Poo poo!

Lincoln: Lynn, we need to talk....

Later, in Lynn's room, Lynn and Lincoln were side by side on the bed.

Lincoln: Lynn, I've seen you struggling to do things. Do you want to talk to me about it? I can help you get around.

Lynn: N-N-No, I'm fine.

Lincoln: Lynn,-

Lynn: Lincoln, I said I'm fine!

Lincoln glares at her.

Lynn: Ugh, fine, I'll tell you, but make sure no one is listening.

Lincoln: Ok.

Lynn: I just wish I had anything but a leg amputation, because now I can't do anything! All my dreams of being a famous sports player are destroyed. What's left that I can do? What else can someone do with one leg?! *Tears fall down her face*

Lincoln: Lynn, we all care about you, and we can do anything to help you. And I know that there are things out there that you can still do! I'm going to show you some famous moments from the Paralympic Games, and you'll see that there is still hope, but only you can decide what you want to do with your life, now that y-you...

Lincoln trailed off, and looked around for his phone.

Lincoln found his phone in his pocket and shows Lynn all the athletic things she can still do with one leg. After a good, long pep talk, Lynn is ready to get back out in the world, and try things she couldn't do before, and all turns out well.


wow this wasn't the real ending, but i think its pretty good, especially when we brought Lee into the picture, because they never show Lynn having a love interest on tv, and ive only seen one fanfiction where she has a love interest, so i think that he was a good addition to the story. :)
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Personally, I think it would've been nice if you had included a reference to the Paralympic games, but this was a great story overall.
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