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Silverstream X Ocellus 3 by eagc7, visual art

Artist // Student // Digital Art
  • May 30, 1995
  • Guatemala
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My Bio
Guatemalan Born Artist and Video Editor with interest on Paleontology, I am Christian, i am straight, i have Aspergers syndrome, i collect Transformers and Marvel action figures as a hobby, feel free to chat with me, dont be shy. :)

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Twitter: twitter.com/eagc7
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/eagc7
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FanFiction: www.fanfiction.net/~eagc7
Tumblr: eagc1995.tumblr.com/
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---██--- you're a Christian

97% OF YOU WON'T POST THIS!!!! When Jesus died on the cross he was thinking of you! If you are one of the 3% who will stand up for him repost this. REMEMBER JESUS Our Loving Lord.

Jesus got nails in his hands and feet for you. Put this on your page if you love God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit.

Christian Stamp by SailorSolar Slave to Canon Stamp by SanctusRequiem



Paypal Commission (OPEN)

Prices for Single Images Commissions

Black and White Single Image: $1.00/100

Colored Single Image with no/simple background: $5.00/500

Points Colored Single Image with background $10.00/1000 Points

Prices for Comic/Multi Panel Commissions (Remember if its an multiple part comic, each page will cost additional money, depending on how many panels they have)

1 Panel Comic without Background: $10.00/1000 Points

1 Panel Comic with Background: $15.00/1500 Points

2-5 Panel Comic: $20.00/2000 Points 

6-10 Panel Comic: $25.00/2500 Points 

11-15 Panel Comic: $30.00/3000 Points

15-20 Panel Comic: $35.00/3500 Points

Send me a note if you want the link to paypal to send the payment, also if you want to pay with points, do the payment here: https://www.deviantart.com/eagc7/shop/commissions

If you want to be eligiable for a monthly patreon commission, feel free to support me for 5 dollars or more; https://www.patreon.com/eagc1995

If you want to support me on Ko-Fi; https://ko-fi.com/eagc1995

Husk: Uh, look, it went down like this, see? So there I was, in the living room... (Crossfade to fantasy sequence where Husk is lovingly caring for Fat Nuggets) Husk: tenderly nursing him on only the richest of creams. When all of a sudden. (A Pterodactyl-like demon bursts through the door and roars. It grabs Fat Nuggets out of Husk's arms.) Husk: So I said, (imagining growing huge muscles) "No dice, cowboy!" And I started punching him right in the face! But he played dirty... (The demon pokes Husk in the eyes) Husk: That really happened! (in his imagination) Why? Why couldn't you have taken me!?' (starts crying) (crossfade back to reality, where he is pretending to cry) Angel Dust: Oh, Husk, you tried to save him! (gives Husk a hug) Husk: Uh, yeah! I'm a great man, alright. #HazbinHotel #GravityFalls
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So as i've had a bunch of people ask me if Commissions are open or when i will reopen them, i decided to make a journal about it, now my plan was to reopen them by the end of the month or the start of the May, but i will be delaying the reopening of commissions to Late May-Early June The reason is because i havent been able to have a break ever since i opened commissions back in May 2020 and i am feeling a bit burn out, currently i am trying to deliver at best 6-7 patreon reward/requests at the start of each month, but the ones i am doing for this month took me a little longer than expected, my plan was to have them all ready by now, but i still got some to finish, meaning they wont be ready till this week, so if i were to reopen commissions this month that means i would have 1-2 weeks to take a break and i need more than that So i hope you guys can understand why i wont be reopening them this month or the start of May, cause i need a break. Thanks for your patience and i am
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Blitzo: I think Loona was right. Moxxie: I'm surprised she haven't marched in here to say 'I told you so.' Millie: She wouldn't do that. Loona: You're right, Millie. For once in your life, you're 100% right. I would never say that. Loona: *turns
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Hii, I´m Lu :) I think you faved one of my arts time ago and I wanna thank you :love: . Hope you like the rest too and Mayuna :heart: .

Thank you so much for the favourite on

Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn [060421]

Consider supporting me on Patreon for $1 a month, or a Ko-fi! ^-^ Hope you have a lovely day and remember to stay respectful & kind!

Thanks for the favorite on "mayro is dead"! If you liked what you saw, consider watching! :la:

mayro is dead :(
When do you open up requests?