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Rest in Peace, Paul Bearer

By EadgeArt
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Got an idea for tribute drawing to Paul Bearer while I was working on my other Paul Bearer drawing. OOOHHH YES!!
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Is it weird that I think Paul in this drawing looks like a pale Mario? 
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Rest In Peace...We will all miss you.
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:cries:now Undertaker retired...
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Yeah I know; It's not fair! He's Way Better. I  love his attitude, his pride, his style, his character, and his mean steak. He all of our favorite Worldwide. I wish that he will make a visit to the WWE. I can't watch Wrestling now if the Real Ultimate Undertaker wasn't there. It's just not the same. (sigh) It's Just not fair! 
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I know, now that Edge and 'Taker are gone...I'm never watching again!
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Now on television; Wrestling is a fake now! i hate to say this; correct me if I'm Wrong. Life is Strange and Very Scary as the years went by. That's Scary Rose3212. Do you agree? I missed the the great and powerful ultimate undertaker.  
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William Moody, a mortician by trade, was introduced as Undertaker's manager on the Brother Love Show. The storyline was that Brother Love wanted someone who could offer the Undertaker a manager that would fit in with the gimmick. Paul Bearer carried an urn to the ring and helped the Undertaker with his ring attire.

Paul Bearer introduced Glenn Jacobs as Kane to give the Undertaker a new opponent for Wrestlemania. Kane later teammed up with the Undertaker as the Brothers of Destruction.

Yes, Paul Bearer and The Undertaker were the best manager/Superstar from the 1990's. Paul even had the Funeral Parlor talk show, where he invited guests to check out custom caskets for opponents.
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This is a wonderful and powerful tribute. Though it's simple, I can't help but feel a bit emotional when I look at this. The message that the artwork is trying to deliver just hits me really well.
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Wow thank you for the kind words.
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What a wonderful tribute.
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No problem! :thumbsup: I saw some of his last appearances on WWE TV, and being an old-school wrestling fan, I thought it was awesome.
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Your artwork has been added to PNT’s ‘Paul Bearer Memorial Wall’ @ the Undertaker Fan Club’s DeviantART outlet: [link]
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so pretty TTvTT
God, why Him?
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It's so sad to hear he passed away. While I didn't get to watch him on tv, as I wasn't born yet when he debuted so I missed a lot, I grew to like him when I first saw him on an old vhs tape on the undertaker. He creeped me out, but he grew on me the more I watched him. May he rest in peace :rose:
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We miss you Bearer.... *sob sob*
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It's sad to see the quantity of wrestling legends who have left us
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