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Twinning branches scattering l
Twinning branches scattering light
Moss beneath soft and cool
Gentle tap-tap a woodpecker at work
Warm draft of earth and leaves
Rippling brook a soft lullaby
Place that is home to me
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Kindred Spirits by Eadelle Kindred Spirits :iconeadelle:Eadelle 2 0
"Come on lads! Not too much farther, they won't see it coming till it's too late!" shouted the general over the din of battle. God knows how many days it's been the sky's always filled with black smoke from guns, and bombs. "I don't know how much farther I can go" I wheezed painfully, "buck up 'Arry like the General said just I bit longer" "thanks Bob I don't know what I'd do without ya mate" just as the words past my lips there was the rat-tat of machine gun fire we all ducked but Bob wasn't quite fast enough. His eyes stared at me confusion and pain made them bright with tears, he dropped at my feet "tell my girl I love her 'Arry" and the life went out of his face. I retched feeling nausea creeping into me but I swallowed it back and carried on. Finally after another half hour we were in position. Just as we aimed and prepared to fire… A massive herd of flying purple elephants swarmed in crushing us beneath their feet!
"Wait, just wait a second flying purple elephants, Harry what
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Imperfect perfection is a series of words I find floating around in my head every now and again. The words are both a contradiction and a truth in themselves depending on the way you look at them while they sit there strung together in a melodic paradox. On one hand you could say that it is meaningless, that trying to say the imperfect is flawless is complete gibberish because to be perfect is to show no imperfections. What a horrible idea. To say that would mean feeding into the idea that things must be a certain way, that to be anything but that one thing is to be imperfect and therefore flawed. But what if we were all to embrace the tentative call of this idea. What if we were to look through kaleidoscope eyes and see the changing patterns of life: The speckled petals of a wilting flower, the cracks in pavement that make patterns only we can see. There is a perfection in the imperfect and I am happy for its tangibility.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am strong willed
I live in the moment
I love my friends and family
I will protect my loved ones from anything
I am older and younger sister to many
I care for my four legged friends and treat them as equals
I create and imagine much
I love of the word prestidigitation
I love to make music through voice and instruments
I wright and ponder the world in depth
I hope to make a positive difference in the in the lives of all I meet
I am Me


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