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WAITT: Worst Possible Moment

By e1n
What did I say? I told you this will all end in tears.

And yes, the laptop is still open and still loading that porn video.

Also remember that you can read the entire WAITT Comics series ONLINE through also hosts other comics:
~BullyKilla's FREAK FIGHT
*Alina-chan's Romeo & Cinderella
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Particularlyme's avatar
Love that awkward glance
Drizles's avatar
Hahahaha I love the way you draw facial expressions!!
mo654's avatar
hopefully his PC will crash and :iconbsodplz:
Merillian's avatar

the only 3D boobs he won't touch xD
Velink's avatar
hahahhahahahaa, lucu naa
their face are priceless as usual, you may make your own trademark face
Phantom-Shadow16's avatar
... Thats probably for the best... maybe
CrystalBluefox's avatar
I agree with Aedua!

Nekkyo's avatar
Couldn't they just close the laptop?
Nekkyo's avatar
Oh..right there's no story in that
DimytriART's avatar
He deserved that! Or how we say in here BEM FEITO!
The guys' faces... is a solid proof that Charles Darwin is right.
laughinguy's avatar
Panel 3 and 4 are the best sequential technique I've seen this month.
caroll-in's avatar
WTF faces still rulez!^^
hanshee's avatar
the most elegant faces of mankind <3
staticguru's avatar
some of my favorite faces from you are on this page xD
cire2's avatar
Man thats messed up, I'd leave him though. I thought a erotic moan was about to come out of the computer.
supermanwich23's avatar
watch, she ends up liking it.
etto-sama's avatar
sam oh sam~~XDDD
supridiot's avatar
this has happened to me
e1n's avatar
i'm unsurprised to hear that.
Elfdragon12's avatar
What good friends, loading a porn video and then ditching you when a cute girl walks in. Such camraderie. -wipes tear-
e1n's avatar
that's what friends are for.
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