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October 19, 2011
The characters' expression and composition in WAITT Volume 2 Postcards by *e1n instantly caught my interest.
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WAITT Volume 2 Postcards

By e1n
Set of 3 postcards that come with a preorder of WAITT volume 2.

SATURDAY IS THE LAST DAY TO SUBMIT YOUR PREORDER (Payment is not due until April 27, 2011), so if you haven't, perhaps you should, considering this will most likely be the last WAITT book to be printed

Preorder journal: [link]

Book is $15 + shipping. These 3 postcards will be included in all preorders.
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2Foxxie4U's avatar
I accidentally washed my pokewalker. In a clothes washing machine. And then dried it. In a drier.

It worked for several days afterwards except for a few glitched pixels. And I got a shitton of steps. Then it died. Was wondering if you'd be inspired to make something based off of that?
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
Rossem-Klyn's avatar
Elizabeth of gintama ?
Will6790's avatar
that's the same animation as One Piece.
Haiyun's avatar
wahh congratulations on the DD!!! Totally earned!!! >v<
SaphHedgehog's avatar
I LOVE the Pokewalker, Tangela and Bidoof/Bibarel!
I love the expressions and tiny details that just make me and literally hundreds of other people smile. Keep up the amazing work! I'd buy but I can't order anything online, so I'll simply substitute the actual thing with a digital one to look at when I log in to dA. ;)
Asfodelo's avatar
Yeah, so epic, but we know the truth about them! haha
TheMightyGosh's avatar
the guy in the middle could be the grandpa of monkey d. luffy :D
Epalistix's avatar
THAT IS SO AWESOME! great job on the cards their terrific
Averant's avatar
Heeey! Grats on the DD, man. :D
Glowandstar's avatar
very cool!
at 1st i thought it was one piece,
and then i thought it was scott pillgram,
and then i thought wolverine was in it lol

but in the end i saw a lot of styles in this, very cool!:)
christasyd's avatar
I thought so too, the boy in the middle looks like Luffy :XD:
J3abySnoopy's avatar
I love that texture
RedRoronoa's avatar
Is that a bidoof? xD lmao, I didn't spot it the first time.
Yukiria's avatar
I love your comic! :D

The penguin phonestrap is hilarious! :D
purplenekomata's avatar
... Is it just me, or does it look like the mop has eyes?
ChristenaRose's avatar
No I see it to!:O
purplenekomata's avatar
I have a feeling that it's meant to look like that...
ChristenaRose's avatar
yeah...but it'd be funny if it weas lol^-^ what a creepy mop haha...just staring at you..o.o
Horizontal-Ladders's avatar
Dude's the only one without a chick.

Unless that mop is female.
BlueDemonX's avatar
Looks hella good =D
"last"!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.........

Never stop!
Manu-G's avatar
They look more EPIC than what they really are.
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