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WAITT: Result Unreproducible

By e1n
In celebration of a week in which mostly forgotten characters made a comeback in Jump--Rukia in Bleach, Itachi's crow in Naruto, HxH in Jump--I decided to follow the trend and bring back the infamous bike lock in WAITT.

What? Nobody remembers the bike lock? Just as I thought.

Also remember that you can read the entire WAITT Comics series ONLINE through also hosts other comics:
~BullyKilla's FREAK FIGHT
*Alina-chan's Romeo + Cinderella
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Yaaay the very long awaited return of the majestic bike lock! :dance:
staticguru's avatar
Bike Lock for best character in WAITT!
lemming101's avatar
omg I loved the bike lock experiments. Poor Sam is in for one heck of a ride!
Okinawa-no-Shinsei's avatar
the... the the.. THE BIKE LOOOCK @.@!!1!one
jmcgee611's avatar
I knew it was the bike lock before reading the small, un-outlined text :D I'm so glad he's still around! (secretly I was looking through each page for the bike lock hidden somewhere in hopes it's laying on a floor in their apartment or something...<.< >.> <.< >.>...I'm not crazy)
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Well I've heard of "Chekhov's Boomerang" but never "Chekhov's Bike lock"
e1n's avatar
that's cuz chekhov doesn't actually own a bike lock.
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. . . I hope your life insurance is paid up. You might be needing it in oh... ten... fifteen seconds.
Bae-Li's avatar
At the very least he won't get bugs flying in his face.

But just in case, Sam, keep your mouth shut.
e1n's avatar
hmmm, ducttapes would come handy.
Bae-Li's avatar
Duct tape is a no man army.
Choco-Kun's avatar
ha-HA! I remember that trick! ... poor Sam.
mesval's avatar
LOL :D I wonder if there's an audience with a camera-phone to capture it all...
e1n's avatar
will probably earn a million views on youtube /rubschin
KatanaHiryuu's avatar
I MISSED THIS CONCEPT LMFAO :XD: also, what about the awesomeness in one piece :noes: don't you read one piece, mens?!
AceGreatPrank's avatar
At least the ambulance won't have to travel far
Schatten-Drache's avatar
I knew what would happen until i saw the wheelchair xD

Does he have a lower balance point?
woodfencer's avatar
"Are you Crazy? We want to leave the hospital, not go back there!" This is a really funny comic!
harukisakaki's avatar
Well, it's better he goes back to the hospital and rest .instead of going through this horror adventure xD
Hope his plan of using the bike lock is a success
He's partly correct ..every success does start with a failure :D
miasaka's avatar
Perhaps it would be good to also have the rope attached at the top of the wheelchair and the car.
e1n's avatar
it'll probably flip forward that way, dragging sam with his face on the asphalt.

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