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WAITT: Recurring Nightmare

By e1n
This is all gonna end in tears. You and I know it.

Also remember that you can read the entire WAITT Comics series ONLINE through also hosts other comics:
~BullyKilla's FREAK FIGHT
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2Foxxie4U's avatar
I thought we going to ask for Dude to jack him off since he has no hands to do so, tbh.
SkyHope's avatar
Aren't friends awesome? xD
Aedua's avatar
Velink's avatar
OMG, he's good with women, but he still keep those stuff?
guess men just need them those things to soothe our heart.
chocomus's avatar
lol i didn't saw that coming, what I saw was he asking about his magazines XD
MastermindHen's avatar
How does he not see this coming?
skone-S's avatar
Dude, why do you even try to give Sam any sort of credit. You really should have seen that coming!
laughinguy's avatar
Sam: Dude, how does it look, man?

Dude: Uhhhhh...


Dude: Well, I can tell you... it's blue...


Steffan: Welp, it's inevitable. :I
CoralSnake's avatar
damn.... why was the first thing I thought he was going to ask was for Dude to itch him somewhere private.... in the pants? WHY was that my first thought........ xDDDD this works too... and is far less yaoi >__>;;
hanshee's avatar
dude sobbing all over the place
Resfi's avatar
Awesome as alwaaays :D
ShadowAssassin73's avatar
I'm not sure why, but for some reason it took me awhile to realize that the guy's name was Dude (When all the characters said his name).
SnowKuki's avatar
Yes, I saw that coming, too, Steffan.
Kucingila's avatar
It's corrupted, Sam... Too late...
Darkklade's avatar
hahahahahahahaha Sam and his porn files.
nedoiko's avatar
waaa DX poor sam!!

and poor dude xD
Potemkin-chan's avatar
this is just sad :iconcryforeverplz:
UnusualJuggernaut's avatar
I'd cry to if i was worried about my porn files.
CrystalBluefox's avatar
Happy tears? Sad tears? Or tears of pure disperation? XD

Agh, I've become such a fan of your comic here, that an idea have benn tugging in the far end of mind -oh god! I didn't even know that I HAD a brain! *Gasp!* But I've sort of gotten inspired to wanting to make my own one, ya know, like a character having the shitty fucking weird psychotic job that I have, and goes through the weirdness in both private life and those at the job... dunno, maybe it's stupid, but it's been nagging me more and more lately... think that I should dare jump out into it?
e1n's avatar
no harm can be done from it. :iconcooltrollplz:
Nekkyo's avatar
I actually didn't see that coming....i thought he was going to ask dude to scratch an itch on his butt...since his hands are all bandaged up
e1n's avatar
that would probably come next.

"i have an erection, can you---"
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