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WAITT: Near-Death Experience

By e1n
It's really kinda sad when you're about to die and the first thing that came to mind is a physics lecture from six years ago.

Sorry for all the WAITT. This one was really time consuming.

Also remember that you can read the entire WAITT Comics series ONLINE through also hosts other comics:
~BullyKilla's FREAK FIGHT
*Alina-chan's Romeo + Cinderella
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PsychoPop's avatar
did he land it
95Jezzica's avatar
Question-time ~ ! 

Will you continue this, or is this the end of the WAITT comics?
I really miss them, so I hope you will continue them. :heart::hug:
TheHandsomeRockLee's avatar
... Sigh... I really wish I knew if he survived... :iconcryforeverplz:
tuananhnguyen0402's avatar
Man, really missin' WAITT. Been more than a year now.
sliceoffriedgold's avatar
Of course it'll work... you just need to -believe-! Anything will work if you believe hard enough.:lmao:
MayFan's avatar
ROFL..........omg I can't stop laughing.....
BeDaLeaf's avatar
oh god i love all of your WAITT comics but this one takes the cake :D
LilithEsper's avatar
I had a strange urge to go back and read some of these comics and I found out something,
I still laugh so hard my lungs hurt, I miss these :iconsadfaceplz:
Morzsi's avatar
At this point, our teacher actually started jumping on the wall saying he might get through after a few zillion tries.
skimlines's avatar
c'mon science!
Maria-Mika's avatar
Always impressed how you get your story across

Can't WAITT for more XDDD""""

*sorry for double comment*
Maria-Mika's avatar
The title is near-death experience, so we already know he doesn't die :eyes:
M4cklaud's avatar
I really think that it is "near" because he is "still" alive by the end of the page...
Mr-Sardini's avatar
lovin' dude's civil war/pioneer styled mustache!
freechase's avatar
worth the WAITT!
immadonut's avatar
I can see why this is time consuming.
Go Quantum Mechanics!!!!!!!!!
TheK40's avatar
omg herbert so freakin happy xDDD
lemming101's avatar
lol this just keeps getting more and more interesting.
chun64's avatar
Panel 3 and 7 made me laugh until I cried.
sugarblueberry's avatar
He´s going to eat that truck drivers´ mirror :D
rhapsodyblowout's avatar
I thought that only works for microscopic particles.
My god, Herberts face in the second and fifth panel xD
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