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WAITT: Lagrangian Mechanics

By e1n
Really, if Dude hadn't brought that up, this would have never happened in the first place.

Stupid Sideburns, always making life much harder for Sam.

Also remember that you can read the entire WAITT Comics series ONLINE through also hosts other comics:
~BullyKilla's FREAK FIGHT
*Alina-chan's Romeo + Cinderella
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Catgirl2222's avatar

This is truly funny!!

I wish I could undertand and apply physics like that! Awewome!
afroquackster's avatar
Shouldn't Sam have a seventh arm?
Oh, god. I don't like where this is going haha.
CsNsAi's avatar
Of course, theoretical physics have always the answer!
irmpie's avatar
at first I laughed till I cried because of how epic this cartoon is and then I laughed again because of that epic face
SaraV-Art's avatar
lol poor sam, the expressions are epic XD
FLOWone's avatar
I love how you use science in your comics!
HanaTenshiHimeko's avatar
Oh dear, Sam is gonna see his life flash by again. XD
BlueDemonX's avatar
Laughing out Loud =DD
lemming101's avatar
Sam's face in the final frame is hilarious!
Choco-Kun's avatar
Dude's face in the 6th panel... pure mischievous joy.
Leo-tux's avatar
Sam's face in the last panel is priceless
RainbowMarimo's avatar
Teachers must put this comic in science books to make things more interesting.
ShadowAssassin73's avatar
I like the mini lesson on panel 4.
Shippuden23's avatar
That face at the last panel should totally be a plz account :lmao:

Nice going Sam XD
freetalkn657's avatar
I <3 last panel intense-face.
evilrulerx22's avatar
oh don't we all just love physics :]
Sorayoushi's avatar
lol! Oh shnap. This is not gonna turn out well.
Phantom-Shadow16's avatar
see kids science is fun!
Overkillsamurai's avatar
lol, Sam's face is just priceless.
rhapsodyblowout's avatar
MajorasMasks's avatar

I've to read more of your original comics when I have time. ^^
AinhoaR's avatar
Sam's going to go back to the hospital...
PsychoPop's avatar
physics jokes make everything better
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