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WAITT: Conveniently Amnesiac

By e1n
The term "Bros before hos" is only valid when the bro is not desperate to get laid.

Also remember that you can read the entire WAITT Comics series ONLINE through also hosts other comics:
~BullyKilla's FREAK FIGHT
*Alina-chan's Romeo + Cinderella
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S-Trange's avatar
Hehe I feel bad because I might do the same thing if someone I really like randomly wants to hang out with me... ^^;
Winterboten's avatar
Next: Marriage \o/ whoooo
Princess-Kay's avatar
Is it ever really valid? :P
lemming101's avatar
I love how Dude was erased. :D
Bae-Li's avatar
It's quite possible that Dude would've done it.

It's laughable to suggest that Sam would do it. OF COURSE HE WOULD. DUH.
FarodinApGwidion's avatar
=D "The code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules" (pirates of the caribbean ;) )

Maybe you should put a link to Romeo+Cinderella and Jo's adventure on, so people don't have to search for the link everytime they want to check out these. Or am I just too blind to find it on your site?^^
e1n's avatar
those two aren't posted as links there yet, mainly because i'm a lazy bastard, but it will be.


just WAITT for it.
FarodinApGwidion's avatar
Ok =D So let's WAITT and drink a cup of tea - dunno if this idiom exists in english^^ in German: Abwarten und teetrinken ;)
stray-life's avatar
you did this to one of your friends didnt you... or they did it to you!
darkside-ky's avatar
I'm pretty sure all is forgiven so long as the parties in question get women eventually. ;)
Bloodied-Angel-95's avatar
Lawls, I love this. xD
cire2's avatar
When a woman comes into the picture a mans mind goes completly blank.
e1n's avatar
more like, a man's mind is filled with the woman, and so other men will be discarded.
rocksandwich10's avatar
LOL!!!!!!!! funny :rofl: nice comic bytheway i like it :la:
Emirence's avatar
gotta love that Herbert is sweating when he asks that girl about dinner. Nervous much? xD Love it!
e1n's avatar
any boy asking a girl out has to be nervous.
Emirence's avatar
is it because the girl might run away? Because I'd love to go with Herbert to dinner xD
e1n's avatar
you got yourself a date.

he'd be boring, brace yourself.
Emirence's avatar
I don't know. He's boring yet clever and strangely blunt sounds like a package ;D
e1n's avatar
hm, okay then. i'll talk to mr. hoo and arrange something. though honestly i'm not sure how this is ever going to work :icontrollfaceplz:
Emirence's avatar
Lol, I'm pretty sure you can make it work. You're En1 :squee:
appleandtangerine's avatar
Won't he ever ask for her name lol
e1n's avatar
if he remembers, what an idiot.
appleandtangerine's avatar
I don't think she's ever asked for his name either so it's fair... I guess?
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