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WAITT: Awkward Turtle

By e1n
I bet none of you ever has a confession disrupted as awkwardly as that. What's that? You do? Please, share.

A two-page finale of this hospital arc. Finally it's come to an end. Now I should try to crank some colorspreads out for summer cons.

Also remember that you can read the entire WAITT Comics series ONLINE through also hosts other comics:
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Baltxer's avatar
i think sam's heart will yell like this

youesplode86's avatar
Keep up the great work. It brightens my days : D
SkyHope's avatar
Oh god and it was just starting to get good! D:
TheNewHorde's avatar
I read this so many times. But each time I read this, I end up reading... "OOh! I can feel your big hard laptop crash!" In one sentence.
BlueDemonX's avatar
You know what I would have done? Tell her to clap down the damn Laptop! xD
snowzapped's avatar
Sam... There goes your porn collection... :XD:

Good thing he's got them backed up... :lmao:
kid-napper's avatar
TheNewHorde's avatar
This has to be the most interesting development. Does that mean Sam will finally have a girlfriend now? Actually, Hubert pairs up pretty well with the neighbor girl.

Meh, DUDE is too cool for girlfriends, I mean he's the DUDE.

Oh, and in response, no never had confession disrupted before because never confessed before. :3
lauraneato's avatar
I have not had a confession broken up so awkwardly, but I DID have a break-up with someone awkwardly interrupted. I had sat my boyfriend at the time down to tell him that we were over, and I was in the middle of it, and then I get a knock on the door from the Census lady screaming that if I didn't open the door, I would go to jail. I had already -done- my census before, but I had just moved into the new apartment so I guess the previous owners didn't care to fill it out, so I was forced to answer the door or the woman threatened to arrest me for evading the census. Yeah, that was awkward.
supridiot's avatar
bah.. secretly, girls love porn too
ShadowAssassin73's avatar
He could have gotten both, but instead got neither...
chocomus's avatar
Nooooooo!!! the porn fly away!!!!!!!
applepie1989's avatar
*pat at sam's shoulder* Sam, you and 2GB of porn are just not meant to be together XDXDXDXD
stray-life's avatar
What, no images of that porn Sam was loading?! What is this, a PG 13 comic??? =D
PhoenixRage333's avatar
Way to ruin the moment... :P
Bae-Li's avatar
Sam just missed his chance for real life porn. Provided he get better first.

Brother-Tico's avatar
And that's how Sam screwed the biggest opportunity in his whole life. (and I dont think he will ever get a chance like that again TT_TT )

Anyway, epic ending :)
Trixterr's avatar
DimytriART's avatar
AhuAhuahuah THIS IS GREAT!
Electric-Lantern's avatar
WHAT?! THIS IS THE FINALE?! I'm like, super interested in what happens NEXT!!

This is very unfair
Skadi-Skadi-No-Mi's avatar
if you could make a third volume, Sam´s funeral would be the cover, right?
jwalka's avatar
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was f***ing hilarious hahahahah
Schatten-Drache's avatar
it looks like she don't like porn... :confused:

...or did she get as horny and trow everything away just to thank sam for saving her life?

second case would be the only logical explanation why there fly only the laptop and no sam jumps to catch it
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