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Three Days Two Years One Piece

By e1n
Edit: Tattoo fixed!

All colors done with Copic markers.
Time: 40-50 hours.

Yes, the one yesterday was a joke. Here's the real one.

First One Piece colorspread in... I think a year. I apologize for the long hiatus of decent OP fanart, I hope this makes up for it. Also (believe it or not), the first OP colorspread EVER featuring the Strawhats not in chibi form! Partly it's because of my fear of not being able to do these guys justice, but mostly because there are just too many of them.

Also, apologies for slapping the watermark everywhere. I really don't want to be accused of stealing my own art, nor be accused of uploading Oda's colorspread from a nonexistent chapter. Yeah, I'm looking at you, scanlation teams.

And lastly, some progress shots, to prove that I did draw this. People seem to have trouble believing that.

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This is really detailed and amazing like oda's art work good job:)
Okamikiba18's avatar
I think you're Oda's assistant, this is just a "waaahhhhh" work!!! Congrats!!! ;) :D
alexthman76's avatar
Ah man I love the colouring on this piece! What did you use to colour it?
DragonKnight-15's avatar
Never forget, in two years.
darek0937's avatar
yet people still fan boying for sanji
Whatzituya2's avatar
This is great! Sanji's face tho. ^v^
Thefanfreakers's avatar
ganogoribas's avatar
who will be the next nakama 
KiranKon's avatar
It looks as if Oda-Sensei drew it himself...that is so amazing. This is so awesome!!! IT'S SUPERRRRRRRR~~~~
matthew515's avatar
the vivre card man, the feels will never subside
SunstarXD's avatar
Danisnotonfire: FEELS  Oh, i remember that!
Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] Oh that's just so beautiful! I applaud thee!
NekoLeoCruz's avatar
Coffee-Tiger's avatar
wow awesome, that's a lot of work. All those details.. damn.. respect..Yes, My Lord 
Artention's avatar
So amazing !! <3
ReSuraz's avatar
Only think i didn't like is Nami's face, seems kinda weird. Other than that, great job.
miki-chaan's avatar
This is so awesome! :la:
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watashinokurotsubasa's avatar
OriiPrincess's avatar
You're bi-winning right now!!! Looks sooo awesome!!!
BadSoldier1992's avatar
this is brilliant, almost too good! Really well done on this and the many references!
Gt-infinity's avatar
fuck yeah
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PinoyFretzie's avatar
wow, im speechless
Cool art! You can't even tell the difference! Good job!
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