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Sometimes it only takes weeks to get to that point.
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Ufufufufu :rofl: dat's so hilarious m8 great work XD
Yo G come n ave a look at dis
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XD Thank you for sharing this with me!
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i don't get it too... he, don't the girl often respond: "He, that mean i'm usually ugly? jerk!"
TwilightNul's avatar
i don't get it.
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then it would change to this answer:

jamesgunner123's avatar
...oh gosh!....this is just so flippin' FANTASTIC...X3
TheHandsomeRockLee's avatar
Relationships... the scorn of my life...
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It´s hard to give compliments to other these days TT¿TT
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Like that TV commercial where Lincoln's wife asks him if the dress makes her butt look big. You know he can't lie, so.... :XD:
MagicaITrevor's avatar

That's one of my faves of all time, because the actor for Lincoln just does it PERFECTLY. The hesitation, the conflicting war on his face, KNOWING what he's going to say, and yet regretting it in advance... It's just... delicious.
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Like George Carlin used to say, "the art of lying should be taught in school from childhood". Some people just don't know how to do it. ;p
MagicaITrevor's avatar
Nah. See, it's better if you never have to lie at all. XD
ken1171's avatar
This would be a horrible world if every one would always tell the truth. ;p
Like Gandhi used to say: "Truth is the only thing that can hurt".
MagicaITrevor's avatar
... You don't get it. Just because you don't lie doesn't mean you're telling the truth. It is the 'You look beautiful' to the 'Does this make me look fat?' You tell the truth, but you never answer her question, thus not lying. Just avoiding. That is what I am trying to distinguish. 
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That's where the Japanese language shines - it has a multitude of sentences and word structures meant solely for the purpose of answering questions without actually saying anything. That's because in Japan it is considered impolite to actually tell your opinion, even when people have asked for it. Isn't that neat? :XD:
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... Must... Learn... Japanese...
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maybe I should repeat a compliment to see how my gf will react too
but what did I compliment her when we began dating ??
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oh dear, aint this the truth, haha
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