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January 21, 2011
Don't forget your Kanto gym trainers!! Pokemon: Kanto Side by *e1n
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Pokemon: Kanto Side



Click download to see the entire thing.

This one didn't actually take as long as the Johto one [link] but was filled with a lot of distractions and delays because I thought I was going to be sick, so instead of pulling all-nighters to finish this, I ended up sleeping a lot.

Didn't like this one as much as the other one. I think the composition could be better, and some of the proportions are off. Yes, yes, Magmortar was supposed to be at least 5 feet tall. I did not know that until I finished inking the entire bloody thing, by which point there was no longer any way to fix it other than to entirely scrap it and start over, which was never gonna happen.

But hey, it's done. At least now there's a complement to the Johto side.

Now to try to squeeze in one or two One Piece colorspreads before Wednesday printing deadline. I need to somehow work around the fact that half of my copic markers are now dead from these two colorspreads.

WAITT will resume after this. I SWEAR.

The Johto Side:
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Nice! The fave is yours!