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Pokemon: Johto Side

By e1n
Click download to see the entire thing.

I've been wanting to draw all the gym leaders with their main pokemon since I started my 300+ hour journey into Pokemon HeartGold, and finally, after constantly being nagged by =cartoongirl7 for weeks, I managed to start and finish this.

The sketching part took about 4 hours, inking took about 2 hours, and the coloring took about 16 bloody hours. My life would've been a lot easier had this world been monochromatic.

Kanto side is coming up next.

And Clair, that nasty hair of yours and your overall spandex cannot be redeemed by your hotness. =/

The Kanto Side:
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never have I ever thought Pokemon would look so glorious in One Piece art style.

quickman100's avatar
I could only imagine if you did one for Unova...
LancePunMaker's avatar
If you could do this for the other regions, that'd be great, because Kanto and Johto are absolutely fantastic. I hope you continue to do this kind of fanart.
DatArtDud3's avatar
my god, this is awesome!
DoodleDoble's avatar
I grew up with this Gen (Pokemon Crystal) and you, good artist, have done it justice.
Looks like their going to kick some ass.
Wariyoshi's avatar
What's that pokemon between Dragonite and Steelix? I really don't have the faintest idea of what it could be...
Wariyoshi's avatar
Oh nevermind, looked it up and it's Mamoswine. It was kind of hard to see the snout :P
ichigo-pocky's avatar
You are incredibly influenced by Oda. This is good and bad in my eyes. Take it as a compliment.
Zimerick's avatar
Is your style inspired by the creator of One Piece and Fairy Tail? If so you got it down pat.
Bawdywawdy's avatar
Johto is the greatest pokemon region ever. HANDS. DOWN.
TheWhiteScatterbug's avatar
Finally found this pic:D
I love it so much, well done:) Scizor looks so amazingly good in this one:'D
Band-of-Cobras's avatar
The Gym leaders are always so cool in Pokémon. My favorite out of the Johto side is Morty and Clair. How about you?
That... Miltank...! ARGH! :angry: 
lemonbake's avatar
truly incrediable, it was worth the time, best pokemon fan art seen so far
Veximala's avatar
This is incredible!
furakko's avatar
Such wonderful job!!! =D
Jasmine looks so sweet and kind, you wouldnt expect an awesome steelix behind her.
Arcedemius's avatar
i absolutely love your pokemon gym leader groups! are you doing all the series?

CosmicYoshi's avatar
wow! this is an EPIC drawing!
NorbiDKeks's avatar
Ambir13's avatar
This reminds me of Fairy Tail. X3 Love your work. <3
Actually it's more of one piece, falkner alone looks like a serious sanji... Lol
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