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PKMN: Monkey See, Monkey Do

By e1n
Cilan, Chili, Cress from Striaton City and their respective Monkeys, Pansage, Pansear, Panpour. God, these monkeys die so easily in the game.

This is the first of several new colorspreads I'm trying to regurgitate before the first of a series of summer cons starts in about a month. I will be at Fanime (San Jose, CA), A-Kon (Dallas, TX), and Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA) for those who are interested.
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And that's why people prefer the fast food of city castelia before they go to city striaton to spend 2000 pokedollars Club Penguin - Sad Pizza Parlor Icon 
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I'm putting this as my desktop background, this is so cool
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Panpour can´t see, Panpour can´t do!
Just your average day in the lives of triplet gym leaders/waiters
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that is probably what the restaurant looks like in the morningCilan Chili And Cress (Pose) Chili,Cress,Cilan( Unquestionable) 
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I love the striaton boys and the monkeys. I also love how pansear is all like, "Operation food snatch: SUCCESS!!!!" XD LOL!!!!   
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Lol, Pansear's like: "I got this"
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I love these little guys! Too bad that don't last too long in a fight. :/
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Hahaha! Funny little guys. I really love your style, your colors and details are so interesting!
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cress looks like one of my freinds with blue hair
my freind is a girl
cress=looks like a girl
chiliart's avatar
cilan: gotta save the tea gotta save the tea
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I really like this moment of chaos captured forever. :D I'm sure that the Pokemon are just trying to be helpful, no? ^^;

Awesome picture :clap:
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that "eggactally" it
anyways chili is the coolest
cress and chili are both tools
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Simian-shenanigans in servings. Ah ha ha ha~! :XD:
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wow this is great!! :D
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Hi ! This beautiful pic has been featured in a gathering about Pokemon leaders ([link]), go and see ! :dummy: Don’t hesitate to look at my others « Zoom on… » !
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Wow, this is beautiful! :D
And funny. xD
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Love dis! Cilan is so hot!
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