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PKMN: Ferris Wheel of Doom

By e1n
See, if N was less creepy, I'm sure they'd invite him over to play like this.

Will be sold as a print at at Fanime (San Jose, CA), A-Kon (Dallas, TX), and Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA) for those who are interested.
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N is staring at SOMEWHERE Black wouldn't like him to see 'w'
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What a lovely pic of the BW characters! So cheerful and detailed! :)
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I was staring at this picture and noticed a man dressed as a darmanitan and someone else as a simipour in the ferris wheel. Awesome art. Keep Deviating!
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What a cute and beautiful pic!
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I love BW and I love this pic! Nice colors by the way.
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Go N! With your hot self
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This picture is so... so.... so awesome! The colouring's great, the whole drawing is great! N looks awesome :iconhappymeowplz:
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Um... there's a Munna on your head.
Munna: "squishy hat!" *snore* (N translated for them. :clap:)
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Awesome pic! A mix between Pokemon and One Piece art :)
At least that's what it looks like to me :3
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Fantastic, great! Bravo!!! It looks so great. Black and White are such great Games, i love them.

Please make an Iris and an Negaishipping Picture too.
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Why doom? The picture is sweet!
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Super cute! Black and White has the most interesting storyline and deep villains.
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WOW! This looks so amazing!
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Nice work here.=)
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THAT IS SO AWSESOME. The colours are amazing
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You have to be a genius; Bianca's hair doesn't look like a mushroom!
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cool, but your drawing stlye looks a lil bit like One piece...but anyways it's still good!!
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Yet another great piece~
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