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OP - Marchen Time

By e1n
In-Progress shots are at the bottom if you don't believe me.

"... And so out of pity for the crying piggies, Prince Robin decided to kiss Zoro White to wake her up.

Regrettably, Zoro White had bad breath."

Marchen Time is by far my favorite of all the LOG omake that Oda's done.

So no WAITT for today because I was busy over the weekend doing this. Since everyone has worked so hard to submit an entry for the contest, I felt kinda bad for not making anything of similar caliber. This one is dedicated to all of you who have submitted an entry to the contest, and those of you who are about to. Remember folks, deadline is tomorrow! I'll wait as long as possible =)

Contest Rules: [link]
Entries So Far (They're AWESOME): [link]

Regarding pairings, I would only agree to ZoroxRobin if Zoro puts on that Snow White dress.

This one took a little over 13 hours. about 5 hours for sketching, 1 hour to ink, and 7 bleeding hours to color.

Killed my YG41, G12, and G21. Sigh.

In-progress shots:


One Piece (c) Eiichiro Oda
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This is GOLD!!Clap I am a dummy! 
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Hahaha, I love this! Amazing job :) 
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wtf...zoro though... XD
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OMG I'M DYING. The description is priceless xD
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OMG. I've always thought that this is an official colorspread!!! for more than a year now!!! and was wondering why I don't see it in manga websites when I want to read this omake!!! omg amazing work. you are amazing
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This is so adorable!! and hilarious... and scary(because of Zoro's creepy stare on them)...Luffy Anime Emoji (Hehehehe) [V5] yet very amusing!! Monkey D. Luffy (Thumbs Up) [V1]  first I thought it was Oda-sama's work but it wasn't! I like your art!!:D
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This is amazing! Holy crap!
This is Oda's style! Great job!
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i love Zoro face , awesome here
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Is Sanji supposed to be the Lady in the Lake? I can sort of recognize who the others are supposed to be. Nami's the Evil Queen from Snow White, right? I don't really know what Marchen Time is, so I'm confused. Did this show up in the anime, or is it only in the manga? 
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Prince Robipri: She's UNLOVABLE.
Book: Let's bury her.

Brook really wants to bury Zoro White, eh? Even in this pic. Lol.
Anyways, great pic! I love it!
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Zoro me da miedo... O__________O
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Oh, my glob. O.o You did an amazing job! I actually thought Oda drew this! I especially like what you did to the logo. XD
Reyai-Bloodrose's avatar
Oh God! Usopp's face! XD
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this is amazing! awesome work!
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This is sooo adorable!!!! I love love love it! :) Fantastic job on drawing out the each of the characters' persona. Fabulous!
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No way!!! I've always thought that this pic was drawn by Oda!!!
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Piggys...They look so kawaii...only Brook not...Greta job!
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AWESOME !!!!!!!! :iconiloveitplz:
but why is zoro white ... well. standing there in this weird pose?
WHAT IS THAT?!!!!! >:X

oh, and the title, is it supposed to mean Märchen time?
then please please write ae for ä
otherwise its making absolutely no sense xD
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wooooo looks so real incredible!!!! I love it!!!
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lol zoro white looks epic
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