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I Felt It's About Time

By e1n
I'm having a mid-life crisis and have picked up needle felting.

Behold, Heimlich the lopsided hedgehog, and Bob Ross on a stick.
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Not just a stick; a happy stick.
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best crisis ever.... lol!
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That stuff is pretty cool XD Especially the Bob Ross one.
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The Bob Ross makes me so unbelievably happy...
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Oh god, looking at that reminds me of the numerous times I'd prick myself with one of those needles... 8C

Did you do it very much, or could you find a trick to avoid hitting your own hand?
e1n's avatar
i bled a few times, occupational hazard.
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Maybe investing in leather gloves could be a good idea...
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bob ross ftw!
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Having a Mid-Life Crisis requires that you feel the urge to "accomplish" something...but, you've accomplished so much already as an artist (and continue to do so)!

I don't think you have much to worry about, sir.

I think you just need to take stock of all that you've done and that people have enjoyed, more. :)

As for myself, I'm 30...and yeah it feels like life passed me up a lot...but I realize no matter how old I get, I still have things I love to do and things I CAN do...and art is one thing you can always do, even if it seems like you can't hold a pen or pencil anymore, you can always use your mouth or foot (it's been proven).

Plus, you have plenty of DeviantART watchers, so you're not alone.

Remember, We're All In This Together! :D
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I know how you feel. I picked up knitting and i pretty much knitted 10 scarves, 7 cowls, 4 hats, and 5 sweaters for my cats. I only stopped because I ran out of yarn and too lazy to go get some. Thank god.
chipQphantom's avatar
this is a good mid life crisis.
Peppermint-Banana's avatar
Confused yet intrigued.
ShimmyJamily's avatar
Wow, how did you do that? That totally looks like Bob Ross!
kneazlegurl125's avatar
that's a pretty awesome Bob Ross head. Will you attach a body to it?
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That Bob Ross's looking awesome. Would love having one of those. :P
Definitely one of the best ways to go through a midlife crisis I'd say.
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