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Bad Boys 3

By e1n
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New print for AX. Never though I'd ever spend two days drawing garbage. I guess you can say that this piece is literally a load of rubbish.
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So long as Michael Bay's not involved, I'd watch this. :D
SunstarXD's avatar
xD I cannot explain how happy this makes me-
mymicaloz's avatar
I love Luffy's face XD
TomboCreations's avatar
Haha lol niiicccee~
SillyRabbit00's avatar
So badass.... (both the boys and the art ^_^ )
JoLuffiroSauce's avatar
HAHAH! This is so great!
Ajax94's avatar
Ace and Sabo are epic!
(Luffy is... well...)
BEN-Fucking-Drowned's avatar
All Luffy looks like is a spoiled Gorilla who didn't get his nectar.
Ajax94's avatar

I was going to say banana!
Ajax94's avatar
You sure are right! :D

My fave character between the three will become Sabo!
I love this dude! Epic as hell and kind with all the nakama he has! :meow:
BEN-Fucking-Drowned's avatar
Ace is totally my favorite, since i'm totally into flames, and falling asleep while eating...
Ajax94's avatar
I'm into flame too!

BEN-Fucking-Drowned's avatar
Natsu Dragneel inserted here. xD
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The legendary
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I love it. And Luffy's super badass expresion is just killing me. 
juha91's avatar
Funny how Ace and Sabo look all tough and badass, and next to them is Luffy's cute attempt to do the same. :D

Good job in coloring. With the background being all the same brownish mass, it not only concentrates the view on the boys but also enhances the idea that they're on a huge mountain of garbage. It also creates a sense of time, since it looks to be early morning or evening.
Also, it's good that the picture has lots of details but still doesn't feel like "overloaded."
GREAT, I 'literally' liked it... Excellent!
DarkaMare's avatar
Rubbish that I'd put my left Jimmy Choo down for in a large-scale print.

Inspiration to write at last!  Thank you!!
SugarBit's avatar
Sorry, I just had to giggle at Luffy's face xD
Tails232323's avatar
Happily hung on my wall! C:
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