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90’s Superboy. He’s costume is really pretty hot!
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I love this drawing, you have captured Superboy's cockiness, condfidence, beauty and physique perfectly. Great work!
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ha ha ha... I love "my costume" It's really hot!
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This is an awesome picture of Superboy. But the 90's hair made him look like a member of a teeny bopper boy band. More Superboy!
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You did an all-around amazing job on him!!
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I loved this costume of Superboy's, this IS hot!
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I want to join in on the love around here and say that this is my favorite version of him as well. Come on, that is some stylish hair. <33 Thank you for the fantastic fanart.
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aaah! I'm glad you liked it :blushes:
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Yay! 90's superboy is my favorite version~ XP I love the angle and anatomy here!! Great job~
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Thank you!!
E04's avatar
Thank you!!
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-snuggles with your artwork creepily-
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I like the way this picture came out to be honest, it's now in my top ten favorite Pics of Superboy!
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omg In your top ten favorite?! I glad you like it:)
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Yup! Glad your happy!
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Also I like this costume, but I'm not as big a fan of his hair from the 90's but at least it's not like the big blue boy scouts! ^^
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Oy vey, interesting pose
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I agree. Hottest all around costume in DC. Plus he's got an awesome attitude.
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