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Finally here is the full image of my Aliens Vision submission. I had a great time making this piece and really tried to approach it differently then I am accustomed to. I wanted to show all the different stages of this cool creature from egg to face hugger to chestburster to xenomorph to queen. I'm a huge fan of art nouveau/deco and symmetry too so I attempted to include a little of everything in this piece. Pencil on watercolor paper then washes until scanned into photoshop for final touch ups. I hope you guys dig!! HAPPY ALIEN DAY! Cheers smile emoticon. (TM&copyright2016TwentiethCenturyFoxFilmCorporation. All rights reserved.) ‪#‎AlienDay426‬ ‪#‎UDONAlienVisions‬
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Fantastic! I've been looking for something like this :)
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Wow that's beautiful.
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Great work! Nice details!
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O.o" Goddamn these things were terrifying as w kid.

But besides the obvious nightmares I'm gonna get, the texture and saturation of the image is great. How did you do that?
Xenomorph: a biological horror that inspired the creation of other biological horrors: the metroids, ridley and the fusion suit from metroid, the genocyber, gears from guilty gear, the bohrok from bionicle and cell from dbz just to name a few
Damn! I think that you are among the very first to submit.

And even though your art is among the early birds, I have to say that it fits the style of the series quite well.
THe creatures look dangerous, enigmatic and grotesque too. Superb work
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