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Hello my lovely subscribers!

So... I'm currently the subject of (multiple) torch & pitchfork bearing mobs. You know, I've always been obsessed with the Salem witch hunts, McCarthyism, etc. It's a little thrilling to be on the receiving end of such mindless annoyance : P Anyways, I don't think I've done anything wrong, but the mob thinks otherwise & there's a lot more of them than me. So there's a chance they will either (a) somehow manage to get me banned or (b) manage to annoy me enough where I just sign off and leave to avoid the drama. Either way, there's a chance I might be leaving DA sometime in the future, so for those who are fans of my work and want to be able to enjoy it in the future, be sure to save copies to your computer (with credit to me so you don't forget where it came from ^_^)  and be sure to follow me somewhere else (DA isn't where I post first anyways).

And as an extra "up yours" to the mob (probably a bad idea, but I can't help myself), I'm posting a recoloring I did awhile ago of a photo that was taken WAY back in the day - to be specific, it was more than the life of the author + 70 years (for those who know copyright law). And to those from the mob who have no idea what I'm talking about when I say "life of the author + 70 years," you need to get a better hobby - one you are legitimately knowledgeable about.

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This is not the first place I go to post my new (or even all of my) stuff. So if you want to see everything, be sure to check out my other sites (LJ gets the most love):