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By e-tahn
Heya everyone!
Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted anything here-- a REALLY long time, as in over a year!
One year @ CalArts down, 3 more to go!
Anyway, I'm here to letchy'all know that now I'm SELLING BUTTONS!
1" SHINY ROUND goodies to pin alllll over your shirts, jeans, backpacks, purses, shoes, friend's dog's collar, ah... yeah! Imaginary digital cookies to anyone who can add onto the list!
Anyway, I'm sure by now you've prolly noticed that all my new Deviations are composed of devious buttons/pins/badges!!
Annnnnnnd for a pack of five, it's only $4.95! 80 cents shipping flat rate anywhere in the US :D
Anyway..... here's the shop, at the Tahn-Emporium!
Enjoy :D <3
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