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It's been approximately forever since I've been on DA, figured it's time to get back into things!

I'll be posting up the digital paintings I've been working on! Yay!

Also, please check out my latest film, Can We Be Happy Now!…
Hey everyone!
VALUE BLiND, my first year film at CalArts, made it into the top 30 in Nickelodeon's 2009 Animation Festival-- and there's a voting competition, your support is appreciated!! :D :D :D…

Other'n that, working on a couple of other films, and I've got a flock of new art on my blog :D

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Heya everyone!
Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted anything here-- a REALLY long time, as in over a year!
One year @ CalArts down, 3 more to go!
Anyway, I'm here to letchy'all know that now I'm SELLING BUTTONS!
1" SHINY ROUND goodies to pin alllll over your shirts, jeans, backpacks, purses, shoes, friend's dog's collar, ah... yeah! Imaginary digital cookies to anyone who can add onto the list!
Anyway, I'm sure by now you've prolly noticed that all my new Deviations are composed of devious buttons/pins/badges!!
Annnnnnnd for a pack of five, it's only $4.95! 80 cents shipping flat rate anywhere in the US :D
Anyway..... here's the shop, at the Tahn-Emporium!
Enjoy :D <3
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Character Animation, HERE I COME!!! :D :XD: :D :XD:
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Hey everyone!
Actually it's more just general random updates/rambles/sketches/mini-drawings and official pieces blog.
Sure there's some personal posts in there, but what blog doesn't have personal matters? :P
My main goal with it is to make posts featuring new and random sketches, and when I'm not sketching, any mini-pieces or actual completed art pieces.
So go have a look, feel freeee to comment, and be sure to add the RSS to your readers! :D
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Hey everyone!
Well last night I finished and refined my sketchbook, edited and perfected my portfolio, and this morning dropped it all off at CalArts!
Amazing school; such a good vibe to it-- visited Art Center and although the art was amazing, I didn't much care for the atmosphere at all.
Nothing like CalArts where there are drawings all over the walls and music played all over random parts of campus and sound stages making weird bubbly noises and dancers frolicking in the halls and happy people dispersed all over the campus!
Yay I'm excited!!! :D
Hopefully I'll get some of my portfolio and sketchbook stuff up here... actually the photos aren't the best quality (I took photos of all my submitted works) so if I do upload anything, I'll probably have a better-quality version up when I get my portfolio back (sometime in May, most likely).
Well... Wish me luck!!! I really want to get in; put a lot of time and effort into my portfolio and sketchbooks, hopefully it'll pay off!! :D :D
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So.... my goal is to submit my portfolio to CalArts for Character Animation.
Their Character Animation portfolio requirements are 80+% Life Drawing, so I'm taking 2 life drawing classes, and have been making trips to the animal park!
More likely than tnot, due to the amount of images I'm churning up for that, you will hardly see any work coming out of that.
However..... I am taking a Rendering class; we'll make like 3 projects in there all year but they're gonna be good, I promise :D
Doing a children's book in the meantime, might decide to upload a few choice pages in the future.
Other than that.... just back at college, working on life drawing, and we'll see if I can get into CalArts! :D
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So I have a new addiction... Rubik's cubing.
That implies solving them (Which I've done a total off... 1, 2, 3... 4, 5, 6? times-- as of tonight?)
hehe yes I get a little help fromt he instruction booklet that came with my first cube (which I got about 8 years ago, I'm surmising).
I'd carefully peeled off and stuck all the stickers back in their 'proper' place in order to 'solve' the cube a verrry long time ago. After that, it remained untouched for years.
Then, last year, I saw a girl solve one and was like WOW!! That's really cool, I bet I could make sense out of mine now... so I got it out and started messing with it, only the outer layers moving simultaneously-- that way it would be easy to put back together again.
This really introduced me to Rubik's physics, so I'd like to call them.
Shortly thereafter someone else got ahold of the cube ('don't worry! I'll twist it ribht back to the way you had it!')-- a phrase I knew was never to be tested (my theory, of course, being proved true).
So that forced me to figure out how to solve it to the best of my abilities. I could get the top two rows no problem-- the bottom was always a pain, though!
That is, untill I cleaned my room out last week. I found the HINTS! booklet and went to work, thus solving it...
It only took less than a year, but I DID IT! XD
This has led to obsessive behavior in which I MUST solve the cube if it's mixed up, or else give it some crazy pattern that's not just a mismash of color.
Lately I've been praciticing piano for a gig, and so my hands are getting tired easily because I"m rebuilding my endurance... Add the OLD Rubik's cube to that and you've got some sore hands!
All the stickers were peeling off (the top, clear coating, that is), the cube was really hard to twist and I have, on so many occasions, wanted to turn it just right and have the whole thing blow into little cubes. But that never happened.
So I bought a new cube today. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! Even the stickers are on different sides of the cube now, how many years later. And, you can tell the difference between orange and red (yay, no more confusion! I thought I was going color blind there for a while!)
Anyway so I tore apart the old cube, oggled at the physics and took some 320x240 pics of it off my PDA (for lack of a better camera). hehe anyway that was fun. So I'm into cubing now. It's a good mental activity, it's low on physical action-- which is what pianoin is heavy on, and I've been feeling lazy lately. :P
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Sketchbooks are priceless. I always thought, 'I'll do my quick sketches in my sketchbook and then refine my drawing in for the final piece on the final paper, etc".
Well, turns out that when you try to recreate your original sketch for a final piece, you (well, at least I) always get too uptight about making it 'perfect', so it loses that nice, loose, fun quality of a fast sketch.
So I've found myself photocopying my sketches, blowing them up and then using tracing paper to get them into some form of the final.
I never expected to make finished pieces out of my original sketches, but hey-- it looks like that's the road I'm going down now! :)

My semest'ers coming down to an end, so expect to see 5 classes' worth of artwork getting uploaded, ah, sometime kinda soon. (and then some, if I dig out some 'forgotten' highschool pieces, as well!)

I'm getting into quick concept illustration, as I'd like to refer to it.... so expect to see a few bizarre digital pieces surfacing in the next weeks (if Finals don't gobble me up, that is-- but I don't think I have any tough finals this semester, so I'm not worried). :)

(PS the Fire Breather pastel drawing got 2nd place under 'drawing' category at an art show! yay! :D )
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Well, I finally got a chance to take home a drawing pad from life drawing-- well, a scan-sized one, anyway, my main sketchbook is huuuge!
Anyway I've uplaoded a few inks that I've done in that class (ironic, everything else besides the past two weeks has beein in charcoal)). Since they have some nudity I put the mature filter on.
I've been uploading some photography too, hopefully there'll be new stuff to upload there as well :D

Next semester I'll be taking 5 art classes. That means:
1. I'll be making a LOT of art!!!
2. I'll be so busy making art I won't be able to come online and upload new stuff much
3. But wait! One of those is a 6-hour long digital illustration class! Uploading digital artwork's easy!
4. The time I have available to do scans and uploads right now is very limited due to my general ed schedule, so chances are you'll be seeing the same amount of activity next semester as this semester.

Then again, I might be speaking too soon on that, who knows, maybe I'll have an upload a day or something cool like that, hehe.

Anyway... when this semester's over, I'll have a truckload of life drawing pictures to upload and several pieces from AP Studio Art that I still haven't had the chance to put online yet!
Oh yeah...
the Skull won first place in an open juried art show for Mixed Media!!! woot! :D :D :D
Hey everyone!
Well I've been back from Jamaica for a few days now... It was so incredible!! Clear water, a plethora of green plants, good food, warmth, lightening, FISH!!!!... And now that all the fun and games are over, it's time to go to...
dun dun dun!! College!
Actually I'm happy and excited about it.
Yessss, I am taking Life Drawing-- so I'll be making art!! Ah yeah and Photography too.
Too bad we had to send the camera in to get something fixed... >.< annnyway, I still have a heap o' art that I haven't scanned/pictured/computerized yet from last year. Who knows when it'll see the light of day on the Internet... It'll prolly continue to be forgotten and new art will come in.

PS I'm going to be an Illustration major!! :D
Tomorrow at this time I will be on my way to Jamaica! :D
I'll be gone for about a week.
Yes, I'm taking my sketchbook, and yes, I'm also weilding a camera! :D

I would also like to thank OibyrdsDD's for featuring Alex as a Daily Deviation!… :D :D :D

Okay... so no new art until I get back :XD: peace!
Heyyy everyone!
Well I got a 5 (out of 5) on my AP Studio Art portfolio! *happy dance* :XD: Got it a few weeks ago but I thought-- hey, this is DA, I ought to share it with everyone here :D

Lately, as youcan prolly tell, I've been getting into painting "portraits" of my critters :D I won a really nice paint brush at an art meething thingamajig, and I think I've been using it too much (or else I don't know how to clean brushes, which I really thought I cleaned it well w/ soap & water). Anyway, so painting-- with traditional acrylics-- is now a new artistical endeavor favorite of mine :D

And now I think I'm going to start doing more digital work, practicing on portraits and such. I made one today, I thought I'd start work and it'd die in the early stages or it'd take a few days to complete, but I maganged all today!! yayyy.. so that was pretty cool :D

Hopefully I'll be taking off for vacation in a week or two. Where to? not sure yet. I just need to get out :XD:
Well, I completely finished my portfolio for AP studio art!
I'll try to scan in some stuff that I didin't get the chance to scan in that I made earlier on this year--- mainly realism.

But right now I've gone on a binge of cartooning!! wheee!! it feels soooooo good to cartoon again!!!

Well that's at least right now, at 11:36 pm-- I hope this cartooninationing mood continues on.
and I'll prolly upload some photos if I feel like it-- I've gone on quite a few photo binges as well :XD:
So my concentration is drawing faces 50% realistic, and 50% something that represents the person in some way, shape or form.

I've finished piece #8 last night, Ninja Boy. Only 4 more to go and then I send them all to the AP board in slide form :D
Working on a hugeo-mongo animation project.
Expect it to be up sunday night :)
It's for my schools first film fest... nd don't worry you'll LOVE this cartoon! :)
FYI on the photos---
please don't use them for your own projects without asking my permission first!
Thanks.... hope you all like them. :D
Hey everyone!
RSS feeders are FUN!!

dude being a senior in highschool is sick.
Everyone's friends, but the only problem is is that as seniors we're all avoiding the freshmen, and we only really know ourselves and the juniors so we don't kow as many people as we did in previous years...
whatever, it's still great! the year's pretty easy so far. my last 2 classes in the day are parties.
not only that but we had a dance last night :D uber fuuuun!
Summer JUST started! Or... so it seemed... anyway... Finally got the chance to get around to reading a Photoshop book and really doing some projects of my own! I hope I upload a lot soon...
I'm driving now...
And I go to Disneyland soon!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!