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Hey, guys!

Thank you kindly for these birthday wishes, you make me happy!

Right now I'm in the middle of big changes in my life. But it doesn't mean that I'm going to produce less art -- in truth, it will be quite the opposite. Something interesting might happen. Will share more details soon. :)
Can you feel so much love and be so sad at the same time for no reason at all? I wish to transform myself into life potion and gift it to someone I love, just to give them a chance to make life better when it matters.
Probably I should stop sleeping 15 hours a day. Too much dreaming is confusing.
I wish there was an option on DA to mute specific accounts like we have on twitter (to never see their submissions in any feeds). Especially useful when it comes to mature tag (can't help here since a lot of good artworks, painted or photographed, fall into this description). But damn, I see a porn site branch way too often. If it's fine with someone -- cool, but I would like an option to avoid it.
Thank you so very much for all your birthday wishes! :heart:

Hopefully, I'll be able to show more art next month.
Finally, that day has come -- my sister is on DA as well. Besides that in my book she is the most amazing human being on this planet (and my personal muse), she is also a wonderful artist. Welcome to DA, nekosch!

Ethna fanart by nekosch   Deep Space by nekosch   Rooftop Party by nekosch
Seriously, why people I have never watched (not to mention I don't even know who they are) send me notes about them changing dA accounts and asking to "re-watch" them anew. It's a very poor PR move, and I've been receiving a lot of these notes recently. Is it a new habit in self-promotion or something? Don't remember anything like that (and in such numbers) even a year ago.
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I found one of my very first drawings. "Paper, pencil, Photoshop 4.0, Painter 5.5"? Colored with mouse!? Hell yeah. Now I'm planning to do a "Before/After" meme, just for fun. :)
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Thank you kindly, everyone, for so many wonderful birthday greetings and wishes! I feel loved.

I want to share something. In recent years I have received many amazing gifts from friends.

:iconryumo: has a keen sense of how to mix traditional media with CG for the best results. Love her and her style.

DAL: Soulu the Mage sketch by ryumo Lamp RPG: Soulu the Wizard by ryumo RO: Soulu the High Wizard by ryumo RO: Eva Soulu by ryumo

And this is my recent birthday treasure:
The artist is :iconkawaikolin:, and this is the most cutest incarnation I've ever had. :3

P.S. Someone just gave me a Premium Membership. I don't know your name, but thank you so much! :heart:
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Will be gone for two weeks vacation.
Maybe will draw something nice with traditional media for a change. :)
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Black hot coffee, quiet music. The dog is snoring gently behind my back (on my bed, actually). Am feeling really good right now. *yaaawn*
Hope everyone is feeling good, too. :)
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You ask someone politely why is he posting other artists' works (like Randis Albion's and Jason Chan's) in his gallery claiming them his own, and you've got yourself banned from the thief's account (my first ban, yay!).
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Thank you everyone who keep watching my artworks, for all your comments and favs. I’m really happy that "Wonderland" is accepted so positively.
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Somebody *named himself / or herself my name* has started posting my artworks on DA. I thought I’m kind of used to it already but I was wrong. It’s still hurts to see such a thing.