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March 8, 2008
Wonderland by ~LAMP-ag is sweet and scary at the same time! Gorgeous colors and details make this an outstanding piece of art work from a very talented deviant!
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Artist: Eva Soulu

Alice and The Cheshire Cat – characters from Lewis Carroll's “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland”

Completed: February 15, 2008
Tools: Wacom Graphire 2, Painter 6.0


I was asked to play with a grown-up Alice theme in some dark way, so I did. :)
The client for this illustration was a musician Floris de Vries (The Penultimate Truth); this is a front cover for his music album "Wonderland".

Other illustrations from "Wonderland" series:

Pretenders by e-soulu Come to daddy by e-soulu

I feel the need to state the (obvious) thing that my Wonderland related illustrations have nothing to do with Disney or any other existing interpretations. They only correspond to original story and loosely based on descriptions in the book. :)
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C.Cat: Zj yje he jiopr;. o wol; tup jer ip ###
Alice: OH !
C.Cat: ye,s I to[p you and y yuopi wi;;eber hey well.
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This is amazing!
LovelyDragoness's avatar
This gives me the chills looking at this piece. I enjoy how well you used the colors to create the eerie effects. Nice work!
e-soulu's avatar
Thank you kindly. )
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Cheshire looks like he's gonna rip my head off... not that that's a bad thing
KittyNocturna's avatar
That is one wicked looking cat.
TheDawnbaronsGuard's avatar
Wooooooow! Awesome work!
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WonderlandRevisited's avatar
I really like the atmosphere and Cheshire's massively toothy grin.
e-soulu's avatar
Thank you kindly!
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I knew this would be a daily deviation
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wow!!! you're great!!!
DaddySites's avatar
Wow! Impressive!
e-soulu's avatar
Thank you kindly!
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You're welcome :)
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This painting is amazing! I love all the details you've put into it and Alice dress looks so real... :wow:
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I like that Cheshire cat there.... 

And the details are so mazing here, I can honestly fall right into it through my computer screen. 
e-soulu's avatar
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Your welcome! I love alice in wonderland and it always makes me happy to see art of it. 
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