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One night off

Shepard and Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect © BioWare, Electronic Arts. March 30, 2019 / Wacom Intuos 3, Adobe Photoshop CC, PaintTool SAI

Available on my Patreon as a high resolution wallpaper:
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© 2019 - 2021 e-soulu
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i messed up the garrus romance on my first playthrough plus i had romance kaidan in the first game so when i replay the trilogy after the remaster i will definetly be romancing garrus

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Beautiful art :love:
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This got featured by Bioware itself. Awesome work :)
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Thank you! They did me a great honour. :)
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Amazing, and truly beautiful work. I'm still very much learning how to use my little wacom plug-in tablet thing (doesn't work on its own). I can honestly say I'll never learn how to do things this good on it! LoL! Mind you it'll take me a decade to wrap my head around a portion of how to use GIMP II. :S


I admin a Facebook page called 'Mass Effect Female Shepard' - - and today I'm using my Deviant Art acount to search for fanart and such related to FemShep (and Miranda, because I also have a Mass Effect Miranda Lawson fanpage, too). I like to try to collect loads of permissions from artists. That way I have a list of permissions to chose from, and I try to work through them (sometimes takes me a few months) before I go ask for more permissions.

I always note the name of the artist, and provide a link back to their original. Plus if they want me to include e.g. a patreon link (I see you have one) or link to some other platform where they post their work, I will add that too. Sometimes I write short stories if a piece inspires me... Sometimes it's just a posting with links/note of artist.

In any case, you might not even like your work being posted to Facebook anyway, but if it turns out that you would like me to post this piece to my page, let me know. :)

[You might want to check out my FB page first though before you decide. I run it pretty strict, aaaaand people don't always like my principles (which is fine, I just want to give you a heads up!). I know artists are sometimes a bit more mercenary: coverage and publicity is coverage and publicity, but if e.g. you hated the way I ran my page, I think you'd have every right not to want me to post your works there.]

If I've ever contacted you before, sorry for the repeat: I've probably contacted about 300 artists or more on here by now, so I forget who's who sometimes!
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Thank you kindly! I use Wacom Intuos 3, and it's still a fine tool. Just needs practice, like any other. You'll get this!

I don't mind at all when my work is shared as long as credit it given, so feel free to do that. :) As for links, it can be anything -- my Instagram or portfolio website, or Twitter. Thank you! 
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Шипперила, шипперю и буду шипперить! Спасибо, они такие классные! *и живыыые*
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Гаррус и Шепард навсегда! <3
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Interesting choice of colors. Clap 

FemShep without radiant green eyes look so unfamiliar to me. Giggle 
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Thank you!
All our Sheps are unique, and that's the best part. Million stories in one. :3
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Garus is such a good choice for femme shep!
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The BEST, but I'm highly biased. :D
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Ah, Garrus... Definitely the best love interest for female Shepard <3
Amazing work!
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Thank you very much! <3
Look at that power couple
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My poor heart :heart:...
This is amazing pic. :+fav:
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Thank you so much! I miss Garrus.
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Me too.
But I am very happy that talented people like you still remember about Shakarian couple.
This day is a good day.
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Thank you! <3 I can promise, that's not the last time I drew them.
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