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How's everyone doing?

I apologize for being idle for the past month. A lot happened but to summarize it all, it mostly consist of me moving places, being busy with uni, and a huge percent of health dilemmas and issues.
With that being said, I still try my best to attend to my commission list, slowly but surely, with the sketches being done, to be polished and colored later on.

I am updating you with this journal as another unforseen event happened. I may have discussed about this already with a few who asked me about the commission turn around but i'll say this again.
Recently while working on commissions, my laptop has been acting wonky even when i'm doing very light tasks, and showed me 3 BSoDs (blue screen of death) now in just that time frame. I have already backed up my files, so the commissions are safe. Thing is, I will try to resolve the issue by myself first before actually consulting to the repair center.
So I may need to ask for your extended patience about this matter.

In cases of refund, if you must, please drop me a note to discuss further. But I will just say beforehand that i've consumed most of my balance for irl matters, mostly for my uni requirements, so what I have right now is insufficient. We'll try to talk it out if it turned this way.

Thank you for your kind understanding.
Have a great day~


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