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T-Rex Sprite

By e-pona
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Figured I'd make a 100x100 sprite of:…  


If you want to use this as your avatar please credit me!  Thanks :)

Feedback is welcome.

Now on Redbubble:…

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© 2015 - 2021 e-pona
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Thank you so much, gonna be using this as my avatar for a little bit <3

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You're welcome! <3

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This is amazing! I hope it's ok that I use it to decorate my page <3
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Hi, quick question, can I make a mirrored version and keep it in my stash, I'll link and credit you entirely. if not I understand.
I really like this, lovely detail and everything
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That's awesome, wait, it's beautiful, love the detail in it! 
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Aww, thank you so much. <3
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This is awesome!!!!
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Hello, we are the Skycraft team, we would like to ask for permission for the use of your beautiful graphics for our Pokemon project. =D (Big Grin)

We will be really happy if I accepted and we help her! =) (Smile)

Ah of course, always we put the "Watch" and we will be grateful if you change your re ;) (Wink)

Until next time! -Andrea87 The head of Skycraft Team

P.S: Sorry if you perhaps have I told you these things, and unfortunately I have invited many, and I do not remember them all =P (Razz)

Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine The SkycrRainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!ft Team Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine 

                Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda 
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I always see this on IMVU, so this is the original!
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would this be allowed to be used off-site as an avatar/icon, as long as a link back and credit is given?
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oh awesome, thank you for responding!
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