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Welcome on e-Motion-Addiction

:star::icontiphankeplz: Welcome on e-Motion-Addiction :icontiphankeplz::star:

This group is about Motion Books , Animation, and Live streaming Sessions,
to promote and share artworks and information about it.
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:star: ABOUT THE FOLDERS : :gallery:

:bulletred: Motion Books
Motion books, motion comics, etc, whatever the software you use.
It needs to include motion.

:bulletred: Motion Books - Tests - WIP
Your tests, WIP, making of, to create motion books, whatever the software you use.

:bulletred: Motion Books Informations
Journals and topics sharing interesting informations about Motion Books.

:bulletred: Motion Books without motion
Motion books, motion comics created with the MotionBookTool , but without motion .

:bulletblue: Animation
Animations, whatever the software you use.
It needs to be animated , but more than just blinks.

:bulletblue: Animation - Tests - WIP
Your tests, WIP and making of to create animations .

:bulletblue: Animation Informations
Journals and topics sharing interesting informations about Animation .

:bulletred: Live streaming Sessions Links & Schedules
A place to share your Live streaming schedules and links . Whaterver the live streaming video platform
you use (Live stream, Picarto.TV, etc )

:bulletred: Live streaming Informations
Journals and topics sharing interesting informations about it.

:bulletred: Live streaming Artworks
Artworks created during livestream sessions.

:star: THE RULES : :meditation:

:bulletred: 2 submissions /day /folder.
:bulletred: Please respect the other members and the deviantART rules.


Gallery Folders

1- Motion Books
ALBERT le Petit Chien - BIG PREVIEW by krukof2
Sea Breeze - Episode 3 by LiHuaLiu

Mature Content

CCOCT Enccore Round 1 by The-Magical-Ma
[FLASH REQUIRED][CE] NRT OC tournament final round by Baztey
2- Motion Books - Tests - WIP
4- Motion Books without motion
Willie - By Kennedy Homan by KenneDuck
Scartale Eng by Thekumonryu
Tamia by Nordeva
The Deer and the Salmon by Loonaki
5- Animation
KakaGai Valentines animation by Danikatze
{Commission} - Virus animated pixel doll by LeoKatana
Aurelian Valtois by OstinLein
The graveyard of the gods (animated landscape) by Istrandar
6- Animation - Tests - WIP
Cuddlefishious Mockery by Danikatze
Silkko - animation test (12fps) by JoicyOlszewski
Kelleys - animation test by JoicyOlszewski
Fireflies (animation) by OstinLein
8- Live streaming Artworks


Titre Journal E-motion-addiction by krukof2

Hi dear friends ! 
yes  the last journal was ....  one year ago ...... :ashamed:
 but you know , life is a wonderful playground, so :#1:

ANIMATION title by krukof2

A lot of people use TV Paint animation  to work ....

It's a french software , and really it rocks !!!

if you don't know what it is, take a look to that short film:

and the making of :

MOTION BOOKS title by krukof2

Some features  here :#1:

Take Care of Yourself - A motion comic about vi... by icecatti     Attack On Titan - Episode 1 by MadefireStudios     True Hero by SkyOpium    

Mature Content

Patchara003 by TonHorm
     Houses of the Holy - Episode 2 by MadefireStudios
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Evometheus6082 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2021  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter

Thank you for reading this message, my name is Zachery Moss.

I’m part of a project that seeks to tell the forgotten story of life after the Dinosaurs in hand-drawn animation in storytelling methods reminiscent of Watership Down, Warriors, and Silverwing.

This will be a dark series of stories about the death of the Dinosaurs and what happened afterward, leading up to the dawn of humanity in a 3 season format.

This season, we will be working on the Paleogene period 65 mya - 23 mya.

In this season we will be telling stories of how the mammals rose to take over the earth and the challenges they faced.

This is a group of people on the internet who are fans of Aesop fables, Watership down, and walking with prehistoric beasts, we hope to have this pitched to HBO Max as an animated wildlife documentary with dramas about the lives of these prehistoric animals.

This will most likely be a PG13 series for animal violence, blood/gore like the kind you see in nature documentaries but the animals can talk like us humans.

Here is a link to the site…

I hope many of you get interested and like to join

Thank you and good day
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Is this group still joinable? I don't see join link
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HanaSozo Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Merci beaucoup pour cette invitation,
en espérant avoir l'occasion de contribuer avec quelque chose ici, à l'avenir !
(◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
krukof2 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017  Professional
PAs de quoi , merci d'avoir accepter   !!!
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