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Sup folks, Sorry I been MIA I been up to a lot of things since I last posted. Make sure to keep an eye out for up in coming posts lots of cool stuff I have yet to show you.
Animated Short Rough by E-Mann

Hey guys sorry I don post a lot But I been pretty busy with comics and stuff. I recently I been working on an animated short. I still have a lot to do but check out the rough animation.
Thanks for the good times, Bats! by E-Mann

My final chapter of Batman Beyond 2.0 is finally out and I just wanted to publicly thank the rest of the Batman Beyond 2.0 team for being such an awesome bunch of guys.

Choosing to leave Batman Beyond 2.0 was a very difficult decision. I wish I could have continued on the book indefinitely. However, due to my growing work schedule at Titmouse Animation and my book, Tech Jacket, I was not able to give Batman Beyond the proper attention that I felt it deserved. To me, that would be a disservice to the character and to the team.

Though my role as colorist is a small part of a bigger picture, I do hope that the fans enjoyed what I brought to the comic. Working on the book was possibly the best professional experience I have had at DC Comics to date.

Know that this is not the end of me coloring things Batty related or for DC. The door is still open to small runs and covers etc. Unfortunately, I just cannot commit to a full series at this time.

To AlexThony and Kyle: I wish you guys good luck on the chapters to come.

This is for you.


Things have been really crazy as of late sorry for not posting a lot of Original art. I haven't had much time to do any drawing. That said I have a lot of cool projects coming up so stay tuned. 
I have to say that this year is quite possibly the best and worst year I have known. Earlier this year my mother was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and my grandmother recently passed away. I can't say that this hasn't affected me. This has been a long and stressful year and it's been a little hard to find the strength to move forward when things seem like they are going wrong.
"When life gives you lemons you make lemonade". Despite this I got to work on two successful animated shows Metalocalypse and Black Dynamite and I got to draw my first comic miniseries. I also reconnected with my family.
I also wanted to apologize to the fans of Charismagic: the Death Princess for the lateness of issue two. My goal with the book was to have it come out on schedule but unfortunately life doesn't follow the script.
I am currently finishing off the final five pages of the book and I can't wait for you guys to see it.
Looking forward to 2013, you're going to see a lot from me, well at least I hope you are I have a tutorial in Photoshop magazine coming, the last half of Charismagic: the Death Princess, Charismatic volume two and some miscellaneous editorial artwork for I also will be making the rounds at the comic shows.

Here's to you 2013

Enjoy Olana of Charismagic: the Death Princess all dolled up in her New Year's outfit.
Happy New Year from the Death Princess by E-Mann
Hey folks just giving you a heads a good friend of mine  :iconblueberserker: is offering digital Commissions.

I recently picked something up form him and I figured I'd drum up a little business from him.

check out his work:

if you are interested here is his price list:
Sup Kiddis, Just a Little update. I will be at New York Comic Con Promoting my book "Charismatic: The Death Princess "
Charismagic: The Death Princess will see its world premiere at NYCC three weeks prior to its official release date with this exclusive cover

Charismatic: The Death Princess 1 NYCC by E-Mann
which is limited to 300 copies.

Also be on the look out for the Death Princess limited edition poster By Khary and I
Charismagic: The Death Princess by E-Mann
of which we will be on hand to doing signings at the Aspen booth #1213

I will also be at my small press booth selling my wears with my two partners in Crime Chris Beaumont :iconcubeecraft: and Jimmy Tran :iconnexxorcist:

Small press booth #2275

Stop by and say hello :)
Just doing a bit of a art dump. I'm Working on a couple projects at once here so I haven't had much time to post the stuff I have don from some of the resent cons I worked.

This weekend 05/31/12 - 06/03/12 :iconcubeecraft: and I will be at Wizard World Philly. Table 2168

Mission: Come find us. See you there! :)
Wizard World The Mission by E-Mann

Keep an eye out this face It might be a clue.
Large Table Sign by E-Mann
I would like to thank everyone who left birthday wishes on my main page yesterday. I really appreciated it.
I have done some small adjustments to my gallery here to focus more on the work I have personalty Illustrated. I will continue to upload work I have colored for others and professionally but there will be less of a focus on it.
:iconkharyrandolph: and I will be at C2E2 this year at table:


Drop by and say Hi if your in the area.
Hey folks,
Sorry it's been a wile since I have updated. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on a little joint venture my friend :iconlunardiaries: . Our aim is to create a art tutorial blog that will offer a wide range of video tutorials.  Tutorials will offer a range from drawing process, character creation and digital painting using popular software (Photoshop Painter, Sai, Sketchbook Pro, etc.).  

The site is new and the video content is currently production However feel free to sign up to be notified of new tutorials and any site updates.

New tutorials will be available regularly starting in September. The blog will also be updated twice a week with plenty of art advice, links, and discussions on all manner of topics involving illustration and digital art.

Check out the at: &n…;
if you have any suggestions or feedback, please send it to

Sup guys I'm opening commissions Let me give you the skiny.

8.5 by 11 Image size

Portrait (Chest & head)
Clean pencil Sketch: $15
Inked line art: $20
Traditional Gray Scale with limited color: $40
Digital Gray Scale (Cell Shaded Style): $45
Digital Gray Scale (Painted) $65
Digital Color (Cell Shaded Style): $80
Digital Color (Painted): $100

Full Body
(Prices can vary depending on detail of character)
Clean pencil Sketch: $25
Inked line art: $30
Digital Gray (Cell Shaded Style): $120
Digital Gray Scale (Painted) $130
Digital Color (Cell Shaded Style): $150
Digital Color (Painted): $200

Additional character/s : +60% original price per character
Background : Prices Negotiable depending on what is wanted

11x17 Image size

Full Body
(Prices can vary depending on detail of character)
Clean pencil Sketch: $50
Inked line art: $100
Digital Gray (Cell Shaded Style): $200
Digital Gray Scale (Painted) $250
Digital Color (Cell Shaded Style): $300
Digital Color (Painted): $400

Additional character/s : +60% original price per character
Background : Prices Negotiable depending on what is wanted

All you need to do is fill out this form and you are on your way…

Make sure State what you are looking for in the form.

In your description be precise, it will make it things move quicker.

If there is any, supplying any reference material that is relevant to the piece.

Keep in mind There Are No Revisions and you will be charged extra for any editing after sketch stage. The charge will be based on extent of the revision.

A Commission's original line art not be shipped unless requested in the form. With an additional postage charge ($10USD - $15USD).

If the Digital (Painted) category there will be no original art work. Digitally Painted images are done digitally from concept to final Piece

Hey guys the release of Charismagic is getting closer and closer Here is an interview with:

Writer: Vince Hernandez
Penciler: Khary Randolph :iconkharyrandolph:

and my self :icone-mann:

about Issue #1…

Charismagic Teaser by E-Mann Charismagic: Issue 1 CoverB by E-Mann
Hey gang,
New York Comic Con is officially over and I'd like to thank everyone for stooping by the table to say hello and for coming to the aspen comic panel. NYCC I had a great time at NY comic con I got to see some new faces,draw some art, make some connections, I even got to met some of the cast of  battle stars Galactica lol good times good times.

I also have a surprise for you guys who were unable to make the convention. I will be offering

Heroine Cover by E-Mann

I am offering "Heroine" the 32 page of sketch book of famous comic Heroines here.
Just NOTE me on DA
Make sure you include your:

Email address

Every book comes with a free sketch in the front so include a character you would like to have drawn in the front of your art book. Famous characters or personal characters it's what you want.
(A reference helps too )

Supplies are limited and it's all based on first come first serve.

I will Contact people based on how many books I have available through Email.

The books will be $25 with an additional shipping and handling charge of $5 for domestic,  international starts at $10

All payments will be handled through PayPal.

Hey gang,
New York Comic Con is almost upon us. I have a table assignment and its all official.
I will be in the Artist Alley in row G table 17 or


for short.

I will have be taking Sketch commissions, selling some prints and new book
Heroine Cover by E-Mann Heroine  Preview by E-Mann Heroine Preview DC Ladys by E-Mann

On Saturday Join Vince Hernandez Khary Randolph and I at The Aspen Comics  panel. We will have new details on our new book Charismagic as well as other projects under the Aspen Comics  hood. It should be some fun times and I hear there will be exclusive prize.
The Aspen Comics  panel will be in

Room 1A22 at  5-6pm on Saturday the 9th

So if you’re in NYC the weekend of 8th-10th drop by and say Hi :)

(Edit) All Right I'm have added this  because  New York Comic Con staff are a bit confused  as to where the New York Comic Con artist ally actually is.

This is from personal expressed in trying to find the  Comic Con artist ally my self. I asked 3 people and they all led me to the Anime con artist ally.
Probably most of the confusion of the staff comes from the fact that the Anime fest has a lager sign for the Anime fest artist ally. This will not lead you to the  New York Comic Con artists ally.

If you are looking for the New York Comic Con artists ally, Go through the 34 street side of the convention center and  go through left entrance to the Comic Con and walk toward the back.

If you are in the convention space go to the far rear left of the show floor past the IGN booth and walk through the hallway.

Well kids,
Just making an Official announcement that I will be at the NY Comic Con In October. No  table assignment as of yet But I'll be sure to let you know What the deal is when i get it.
This year I'll be doing sketches and I'll have a new book for you guys So stay tuned. So stay tuned.

anyway for more info check out the NY Comic Con website…
This just came to my attention, Turtles forever is finally coming to DVD…
It's great that it finally coming out.
Though it's a shame that they didn't uses the cover I created.
Turtles Forever Poster by E-Mann
I just got My Final Fight Double Impact Swag. Awesome!  I didn't think I would get all this cool Stuff.

Name of Image

Thanks Capcom!