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And so there powers combine Who knows what will happen.

Here's a one two punch Check this out.

Spiderman © Marvel, Disney
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Hey man, this is a great crossover!

My name is Julian, and I'm a community manager here at Moviepilot.
I'd love to talk to you about featuring this piece in a project we are working on.
Send me a private message if you are interested, and I can tell you more!


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please email me thank you 
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Gladly, what is your email address?
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you can find it on my web site here
Oh how I wish the mouse had Spidey's film rights. I mean, don't get me wrong, Sony is doing a good job now, but I want Spiderman in The Avengers.
a mickey-like spider man? how cooool :D
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Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Mouse!
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What the hell is wrong with Spider-Man's chin?!
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Spidermouse! Cool.
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I Lol'd :D
Great concept piece!
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hahaha this is wicked!
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..........okay......sure,Spidey went to Disneyland
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Nice! I like the angles.
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Cannot believe Disney bought Marvel. :no:
We'll have the Jonas Brothers in X-Men next.
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holy craaaap... :D :D :D
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im ridin the ROFLcopter.
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this is friggin hilarious!
No it's not.

Theyre is far to much in that picture to wonder about to simply say 'nuff said' Like.

Amazing art though.
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They should of done this to seriously scare the SHIT out of us.
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The sad truth.....prepare for High School Musical: Marvel Joins The Party

Really thought
Knakaruzu-kun's avatar
or what about Xavier Academy Musical? XD(wait, is that the name of the school in X-men? I kinda forgot)
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I think that's the name............oh man X-Men is soo crewed up now xD
This tickles me. =D
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